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About Britannica School

Britannica School is the online database for schools created by Encyclopedia Britannica. The website provides extensive research assistance to students in grades K-12, as well as instructional scaffolding for teachers. The site's content is divided into three levels of reading: elementary, middle, and high school.

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Britannica School Review

What do we like about Britannica School?

This database enables high-quality, distinctive research by being comprehensive, accessible, and versatile. Teachers can use the Common Core standards, reading level, and STEM links search options in the Lesson Plan Browse and Lesson Plan Builder areas. There's also information on ESL/ELL and Special Ed accommodations.

What skills does it improve?

The image-heavy design is straightforward and includes films, maps, and music. This extensive resource makes studying fun and engaging and helps you enhance your reading and learning skills. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Britannica School is appropriate for students in grades K-12.

Is Britannica School free?

Britannica School is available free of cost as well as with a subscription.

Is Britannica School easy to use?

Students choose their grade level from a dropdown menu of prompts when they visit the straightforward webpage. Get quick facts and in-depth information on a wide variety of subjects for middle schoolers and Explore films and articles on renowned people and places for high schoolers. Articles are labelled simply 1, 2, or 3 depending on their reading level. Every article that follows will appear at the level selected by the students.

How will students benefit?

Students will learn about and understand the necessity of consulting credible sources after they are comfortable navigating the site's numerous useful options. The large collection of differentiated articles, multimedia elements, translation and audio options, vocabulary support, and adaptive reading levels available through Britannica School make the research experience manageable and accessible to students of all learning levels and abilities.

How will teachers benefit?

Britannica School is a great resource for students, but it's also a great resource for teachers when it comes to curriculum planning. You can use the Lesson Plan Builder tool to adapt activities to your own educational goals and students' requirements, or you can choose from the library of plans.

How will parents benefit?

Students can switch between three reading levels without losing ground. All words in the articles have translations, audio choices, and definitions (including pronunciation).

What can Britannica School improve on?

Students may be overwhelmed by the possibilities at first, and teachers may need to provide additional scaffolding in the lack of a get-started guide.

How much does Britannica School cost?

Britannica School cost $525 a year.

Final thoughts

Interdisciplinary research projects are just the beginning for students. Britannica School can be used for self-directed learning on any subject and at any reading level. Before reading a novel set in an unusual area, have students examine the website for background information. Students can share what they read by saving articles and emailing them, and collaborative research endeavours can take on a social media sensibility and efficiency.

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