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About Brainzy

Brainzy is an education games platform that is cloud-based so it is accessed purely online. The advantage of that is that it runs in a browser window, making it possible to use on most devices, from smartphones and tablets to computers and Chromebooks.

Brainzy Review

What is Brainzy?

Brainzy is an early reading and math program designed for children in preschool, pre-K, Kindergarten, and first grade. The program is kidSAFE certified and offers children a worry-free online learning environment on iPads and desktop and laptop computers. Brainzy boasts over 300 fun games and learning activities, and helps kids learn the skills necessary for success in school and beyond.

What age group is Brainzy for?

Brainzy is for students as young as PreK and runs right up to grade 8 as a way to educate simply but in an engaging way on nearly any device. 

How does Brainzy work?

Brainzy can be accessed online, via a web browser, for free. Students can sign up with an account or teachers can setup multiple accounts, up to 35, each with their own recognizable avatar. Once signed in, students are given access to all the content that is available. This is where it can be helpful to give a steer on what's best for that individual at that time.

Picking the right level of content can be done easily thanks to the ability to refine by grade level. Users can also select a sub-topic so it may not be just purely focused on addition or vowels, for example.

The progress tracker allows students to see how well they are doing so they can progress visually. This is also helpful for guardians or teachers who want to help the kid decide which is the best level to pick next -- keeping them challenged but not put off.

What are the best Brainzy features?

Brainzy is excellent for math and English with activities helpfully broken down into Common Core curriculum state standards levels.  

English topics include letters- and stories-focused material for PreK and K levels, sight words for K and grade 1, and vowel sounds for both. 

How much does Brainzy cost?

Brainzy offers several options but keeps it simple.

The free version of Brainzy offers three free content downloads per month, however, you still have access to the online games and activities.

The premium plan is charged at $15.99/month or annually at $9.99/month equivalent with a once-time payment of $119.88. 

Overall Rating

Brainzy is an award-winning fun and exciting interactive learning games program for practicing skills in math, reading, writing and more.

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