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About Audiobooks from AudiobookSTORE makes buying audiobooks easy and offers better value than many alternative options. You make your purchases on the website and listen to them on the iOS or Android apps. If you would like to use the audiobooks in other ways, you are free to download the files and play them in any mp3 compatible software on any computer or device.

The books available cover every genre and range from children's books to the latest bestsellers. Each one is an individual purchase at a reasonable price, but a monthly subscription to's Flexpass gives you a significant discount on every book you buy. 

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Audiobooks from AudiobookSTORE Review

What is app? has a web address that says it all. It is where you go to get audiobooks! Alongside a sizable library and flexible terms of use for your purchases, it offers a cost-saving subscription that reduces the cost of every audiobook you buy. You can, of course, skip the subscription and purchase the books as a standalone purchase. It is one of the best audiobook apps on our website.

You can listen to all of the audiobooks you buy using the mp3, m4a or m4b-playing software you have already. Alternatively, you can listen to them using the free apps for iOS and Android. Whether within the subscription or otherwise, any books you purchase are yours to keep.

What we love about

When buying books of either the written or spoken varieties, the browsing process is a big part of it. Unless you know the exact title you want already, you'll want to read the blurb, peruse the covers, and perhaps find similar titles. makes all of these tasks simple and adds a crucial feature for audiobooks.

Each audiobook's creative team takes a different approach to delivering the finished product. Some works of fiction are dramatised in the narration with expressive reading and background music. Others in the same genre are less flamboyant, although none of the fictional works listened to in this review were monotone.

As an audiobook listener, you might well have your preferences for how the narrator reads the prose, and's browsing process makes it very easy to see if any given title matches your likes and dislikes. A click on the 'extended sample' button plays a lengthy excerpt immediately within your browser.

A big plus in's favour, when compared to other services, is that the books are DRM-free. DRM (Digital Rights Management) places restrictions on digital purchases and is why you can't always take videos, music, and books you own from one platform to another. lets you play your books through its apps and website and any other device with which you can play mp3 files. As these files are not locked to any service's app, you truly own them. You won't find that a lapsed membership or licensing issues with a publisher has suddenly decimated your audiobook collection—which is a risk with other services.

The only downside to this is that mp3's designers didn't have audiobooks in mind when they set out the format—these file types don't let you bookmark or chapter-skip natively. Each service's apps usually add this functionality, as it is with's.

You can still listen to's mp3 files on whatever device and software you have, but you won't be able to enjoy the functionality you might have become used to. This lack is not a fault with but a limitation with the ubiquitous mp3 format.

However, Apple device owners can enjoy the advantages of m4b files that work as mp3 files and communicate with general playback apps to offer features that suit how typical users engage with audiobooks.

What skills does it improve?

Books are unlimited in the skills they might improve! has a vast library of audiobooks available for you to download covering every genre a general audience, young and old, could want.

What age is it appropriate for?

The available audiobooks include titles designed for young kids, including the popular "Who was..." history series and classic titles like "Treasure Island". The ages between childhood and adulthood are amply covered with a good selection of Young Adult fiction and non-fiction.

In short, everyone young and old, fans of fact or fiction, will find titles they can learn from and enjoy in the collection.

Is easy to use?

As mentioned earlier in this review of, the library provides all of the information you might need to make your choice. The actual browsing is effortless as the website categorises the books into genres with additional filters available to refine the results.

Curated lists make it even easier to start looking for titles that are popular or considered must-reads. Menu options take you straight to books that have been made into movies, classic novels, or those that appear on the New York Times bestseller list.

How will students benefit?

To be clear, no teacher would suggest audiobooks to replace printed books. Kids still need to develop their reading skills. However, they are valid sources of learning materials and offer valuable accessibility options.

A good audiobook is a powerful tool for getting reluctant readers interested in a series of books. Once kids are invested in a story, a gift of a related book could turn them into reading fans. Even kids who enjoy reading will often enjoy expanding their knowledge with a well-chosen audiobook.

Kids who find reading challenging shouldn't stop trying, but, in the meantime, audiobooks help ensure that lack of literacy does not hold them back in topics where they might otherwise excel. For instance, kids with dyslexia might be potentially interested in science, but without access to texts of an appropriate level, they often miss the inspiration.

How will teachers benefit?'s freedom of use for what users purchase is a significant advantage for teachers. They can keep the downloaded files alongside lesson material to which they are related. Whatever teachers have in the classroom, computer, tablet, or personal device, they will be able to play the audiobook, making lessons less likely to be ruined by misbehaving or missing tech.

How will parents benefit? is an excellent and good value choice for families of audiobook fans. Parents can ensure that they have their travel listening entertainment while kids have a ready source of amusement and educational material.

What can improve on?

From a school perspective, having categories of audiobooks related to study topics, exam boards, and curricula would be a time-saving feature for teachers. If they could choose an exam board and appropriate exam to see the related books, this would be an easy link to pass to parents and students and aid teachers who are refreshing their subject knowledge.

Not so much a suggested improvement, but something you should keep in mind is that buying books through isn't quite as frictionless as you might be used to with other app-based stores. Both iOS and Android devices require that sellers of digital goods, like audiobooks, pay a commission on sales.

This extra fee can be pretty high. Developers have a choice of passing the cost on as higher prices or ensuring that you make your purchases on their website where such charges do not apply—even if it is a browser on an iOS or Android device.'s apps do not let you make purchases, and you will have to access your account through a browser to buy audiobooks. Purchases then appear immediately for download in your app.

How much does cost?

The apps are free for you to download, and you can easily link them to your free account. You purchase audiobooks individually through the service either as a member of the Flexpass or as a non member.

The key difference is that Flexpass members get a substantial discount for each audiobook they purchase. At the time of this review, the reduced prices meant that you would not have to buy many audiobooks per month to get an overall saving as a Flexpass subscriber. In some cases, only a single purchase could recoup the subscription cost.

Only you can decide if you will buy enough audiobooks to warrant the membership, but you can rest assured that the audiobooks you obtain as a member are still yours to listen to if you cancel your membership.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

If you don't subscribe to Flexpass, you lose the discounts applied to each audiobook you buy in future and access to the library of premium podcasts available. You can use already-purchased audiobooks either through the dedicated apps or in your favourite mp3/m4b playing software.

Is safe to use?'s books have comprehensive coverage. Just as you will find books that deal with adult themes in a physical bookshop, you will find the same in this virtual store. Kids can listen to appropriate books from this platform and should be encouraged to do so, but adults need to be the ones that confirm the purchase.

Apart from that, the app doesn't contain advertisements, although as a store, it is naturally offering items for sale.

Overall rating of the app.

You will undoubtedly be aware of other digital giants offering audiobooks, but we urge you to consider alongside them. While market power gives those other players a more straightforward purchase process and, perhaps, more extensive libraries, the freedom to use your purchase as you choose is worth a lot.

You might have to visit to buy an audiobook, but it is a welldesigned and easy process. Data to compare library sizes is not readily available, but's is certainly not small, and only a few searches came up unsuccessful. When you buy an audiobook, it is easily accessible through the convenience of an app, but downloading the mp3 or m4b file makes it yours forever.

You can take the book to other devices or platforms and not be held hostage to a platform by your past purchases. There is no risk involved in trying out to see if it suits your audiobook tastes. You can search its website for your favourite genres and authors. 

The samples let you hear the style and quality of each audiobook, and the choice of making a one-off purchase or trying out the Flexpass is yours. For audiobook fans, don't be blinkered by your chosen platform's offerings or the marketing muscle of other stores. Take a good look at; it offers five-star service and earns five stars in this review.

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