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About is a web-based application that uses excellent graphics, clear information, and targeted assessment to support users in elevating their understanding and furthering their knowledge of the human body. provides a thorough bank of information detailing key knowledge of the essential areas of the human body. This wealth of written content is supported by detailed 3d imagery providing a realistic insight into the human body. Review

What is is an educational web-based programme that provides key information on human anatomy across 9 different categories, such as, upper and lower extremities, dental anatomy, and abdomen.  Within the categories further subtopics are provided, dividing content into key areas of focus which are then self-taught in manageable lesson chunks. This programme inspires, engages, and stimulates the user via pleasing visuals, 3d imagery, foci on literacy, prompts for further reading and links to interesting blog entries for the anatomy enthusiasts to relish in.

The application also contains an encyclopaedia to highlight the importance of literacy in learning and provides topic quizzes to assess user understanding, giving immediate feedback to analyse progress. Difficulty levels can be chosen to support every ability and provide challenge where needed. This ensures the app remains engaging and stimulating throughout. This application provides support to all learner types, representing information via a combination of bulk text, key words, audio, and imagery.

This application provides users with an accessible bank of information and the ability to explore a wealth of educational text relating to anatomy. It is an intuitive, engaging, and visually mesmerising application which can be accessed from anywhere, making it incredibly useful. provides a free trail for users with full access to the site’s offerings. From here there are a variety of paid options from monthly subscriptions to annual payment.

Each page of text is paired with an exceptionally detailed graphic of the area being studied. The 3D visual is accurately labelled and can be rotated and zoomed to suit the needs of the user. On further selection of key words, which are helpfully depicted in different font colours, the image responds by re-centering itself around this specific part of anatomy. This way of learning via dual coding is scientifically proven to increase student recall and supports the learner in progressing in their understanding.

Aside from using the programme to improve prior knowledge, learn about different areas of the body and assess progress, the sharing feature allow for users to upload information, email key content, and discuss their findings with peers across social media and messaging platforms. Collaboration with like-minded individuals supports intrigue, prompts competition, and encourages collaboration for a successful learning environment. The ability to switch from text to audio further supports all learners, in all environments and spaces to continue their learning in a way that suits them best.

The app provides users with a resource of information to study, further provides relevant blog entries to explore and gives further titles to read within the field. This is a resource which can provide users with a guide to further their understanding and progress within their specific course. Assessment features by way of quizzes allow users to consolidate their understanding, celebrate their successes and identify their misconceptions or weak areas to address.

What we love about is an engaging, inspiring, and content driven anatomy learning application, that provides a wealth of information on the human body. The information is delivered in a clear, concise, and factual way to ensure users are learning relevant information for their chosen area. The ability to switch from text to audio supports the user’s individual learning styles giving further support to those visual impaired or with the desire to learn in transit. Sharing opportunities between platforms such as WhatsApp, Email and social media supports collaboration and sharing of information to further inspire others into research within this field. The websites information is formatted clearly, with key words identified and supported with an encyclopaedia for further research. The images are detailed, able to be rotated and 3d which is pleasing to the eye and helps with understanding. The ability to switch categories of anatomy, further select a specific area allows for each use to be fresh, engaging and time sensitive.

What age is it appropriate for: is suitable for school students from the age of 17. It is particularly useful for those wishing to study Medicine or a different but related field. can also be used at University and College level to allow users to further explore this field of study, provide a bank of key information and help with visualising aspects of the human body, which is seldom afforded with this degree of detail and realism.

How much does cost: offers a free 14-day trial for users to see its offerings. From here it costs $8.99 a month, $79.99 for a year or $225 for a lifetime subscription.

What skills does it improve: improves an individual’s recall and retrieval skills, a key practise in moving information from short-term memory to long, and thus improves retention of information. The mixture of formats within the application ensures all users benefit and can access and personalise information in the best format for them. Time management, self-direction and literacy are all skills that must be demonstrated whilst using this application and are further honed with regular use. contains a vast range of information sectioned into categories, ensuring a full and thorough experience is provided. The focus on literacy within the programme, with inclusion of an encyclopaedia, blog and further reading list, is an area so important in education. Its heavy feature within the app to support learners in developing their literacy skills is vital to the success of an individual in this field. Assessment opportunities of varying difficulty will improve the users understanding, demonstrate progress and highlight areas of misconception ensuring the application is fit for purpose as an educational app. The app is easy to navigate, supported by science and provides speech to sound conversion and sharing opportunities to extend the learning beyond the screen for further use.

Is easy to use: is an easy-to-use intuitive application with outstanding visuals, detailed text and sharing opportunities. also has text to speech options for individuals to benefit from a different medium of learning, and ensures the app is inclusive for those who may be visually impaired. The app is broken down into 9 categories of the human body, which are then further grouped for targeted learning. Assessment opportunities by way of quizzing is easy to navigate, differs in challenge and provides instant feedback for reflecting on. The app can be accessed from all screens as it is web based.

How will students benefit:

Students will benefit from this app as both a further source of information to supplement lesson notes, and as a preliminary preparation resource to prepare for learning in an educational setting. Information can be revisited, consolidated, and assessed from this application as a means of self-improvement and identification of misconceptions or areas of weakness.

How will teachers benefit:

Teachers can benefit from by using it as a source of information for preparation, using it amongst their lesson delivery to provide content and imagery and as a way of setting home learning tasks and assessments for students. The 3D visuals within the app will also allow for clear demonstrations and highlighting of anatomy area’s that can be easily seen by all without the need for physical models that can be hard to see amongst large learning groups.

How will parents’ benefit:

Parents can monitor student learning, set tasks, and ask questions to help their child learn when using this application. It is clear to see progress of individuals when looking at quiz feedback and this can therefore provide parents with a clear indication of their child’s attainment across the different categories. Parents can have confidence that this programme can be accessed easily from anywhere, can be formatted as text and audio and can amend challenge as the child progresses in confidence to continue to challenge and extend their learning.  Provision of further reading texts can also supply parents with confidence in supporting their child exploring the subject areas beyond the application.

Is safe to use: is safe to use. It requires a personalised log-in and the website is transparent with how data is stored. It is free from ads and in-app purchases. There is a separate space for purchasing books relevant to the subject area, but this does not impact the use of the application itself. can improve on: already provides a vast library of information, is supported by visuals, audio, and assessment, and is incredibly stimulating and exciting to use that improvements are limited. Continuation of blog links and reading lists updated regularly is an area that should remain. A potential sister app for other areas of science could be explored.

Overall rating of the app:

The app is deserving of 5 stars. This app provides a wealth of information, in many formats to ensure the user can make progress through its use and personalise the experience via text, visuals and audio. The app dedicates itself to representing anatomy through a screen with incredibly detailed images that replicate the human body – an opportunity not often afforded. Progress is trackable, measurable, and personalised to individual ability levels. The numerous areas to explore information ensures the application remains engaging, stimulating and fit for purpose. Opportunities to share information on several platforms also allows for collaboration, group work and discussion to further inspire the study of anatomy. 

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