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About Achievable

Achievable teaches adults and teens to study in a streamlined manner by increasing memory retention. Achievable does this by tracking your pace of learning and providing reviews of previously learned content to avoid forgetting information or remembering information incorrectly by utilizing AI.

Device compatibility includes iOS and Android web browsers. The age of typical users is 13+ and is a great tool for studying for many academic and professional exams. There is a free trial to view the first few chapters of any test prep course that allows one to get a better idea of their content and how to navigate the site before a subscription is purchased.

Achievable Review

What is Achievable?

Achievable gives you the ability to study from home on a computer or on the go from your phone’s browser. The exams that it offers courses on are the GRE, ACT, AMC 8/10/12, USMLE, SIE, Series 6, 7, 63, 65, 66. With any of the year-long subscriptions that you can choose from, you gain access to a full online textbook, quizzes, practice exams, and videos. The information is presented both visually and auditorily, so it has the potential to support the needs of people with learning disabilities. Textbook fonts can be customized to increase comprehension and it's easy to start a discussion on chapters and sections. There is plenty of opportunity to share some textbook sections with others and even give feedback to the developers.

What we love about Achievable

Achievable has a clean interface and the courses are presented in a very organized easy to find menu that is accessible during learning sessions. Practice exams are unlimited and varied. Each practice exam shows the score and any incorrect answers with how much time each individual question took as well as how much time the exam took overall.

What skills does it teach?

In general, Achievable is an exam prep course. It teaches and reinforces study skills by presenting an organized and time-saving approach with opportunities for discussion and feedback within a community of others who are studying for the same exam and moderated by Achievable admin.

What age is it appropriate for?

Achievable is best suited for ages 13+ and is used for exam prep. The course offerings include 1 college entrance exam course, 2 academic exam courses, and 8 professional exam courses. My favourite feature of Achievable is that it uses unique algorithms to create the most optimal review timing for each individual subscriber.

Is Achievable easy to use?

Achievable is very user friendly. The simple layout of the courses are easy to understand and navigate. In just a few minutes I was able to start my desired course and view the online textbook and quizzes. 

How will students benefit?

Achievable increases engagement with its simplicity and individualized algorithms to learn how each subscriber learns at their own pace and make adjustments as needed. 

The type of learners who would most enjoy Achievable are people who need more autonomy in their studying. It is an incredible tool for those who need a variety of materials and exam practice. Achievable has over 2600 question templates in its exam question bank, so repetition is easy and interesting. 

How will parents benefit?

Parents can benefit from Achievable by having all the studying planned and ready to use at any time from both PC and smartphone browsers, (iOS and Android). It’s incredibly convenient and keeps track of scoring and attempts at practice exams. All of the exam materials would easily cost more than the starting price for a subscription with Achievable. Once students are logged in parents can focus more on supporting their child versus spending time gathering, organizing and presenting material.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can benefit from Achievable by offering more exam prep to students who learn best through a variety of materials, not just a textbook alone. It makes lesson planning for literacy based test prep a breeze and extremely time saving. Achievable also tracks student data that automatically guides the instruction, saving valuable time in a teacher's schedule.

How much does Achievable cost?

Courses start at $79 and range up to $299 depending on what you are studying. Every course includes access to a full online textbook, hundreds chapter quizzes, multiple practice exams, and many include bonus videos, which is an incredible deal. There is a wide variety of packages and combinations of features very clearly outlined on their website, making choosing the right one simple. There are discounts available for teachers and students of any of their partner organizations. To check for eligibility you must enter your school email address and within seconds you will receive an email with the details of your eligibility. If you aren’t with a partner organization, you can still get a small discount of ten dollars off.

Is Achievable safe to use?

Achievable has a very clear privacy policy that is transparent about the information they collect and what they use it for, how they protect your information, cookies, and third party links. They do not sell any of your information to outside parties. COPPA compliance is claimed, but not scrutinized by the reviewer.

What can Achievable improve on?

While Achievable does an amazing job of test prep, the online textbooks aren’t offered in print form. The textbooks are fantastic, but some learners could benefit from print texts or just take a break from screen reading. 

Overall rating of the app.

I enjoyed reviewing Achievable and it was a pleasure to see how they deliver on their promises! For those preparing for long examinations, Achievable offers many materials, ways to study, and unlimited practice tests that are varied. I confidently give Achievable 5 stars.

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