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About 99math

99math is a fun and interactive math game that helps students learn and practice math skills. 99math is available for grades 1-8 and covers a wide range of topics, including basic math, equations, perimeter and area, fraction conversion, and more. 

What is 99math?

99math is an interactive education website where students can start playing math games either as a class or individually. Intended for grades 1-8, 99math covers the basics but offers more advanced topics like equations, perimeter and area, conversion of fractions, and more. 

What do we like about 99math?

99math is an engaging math game to master math fluency and curriculum standards. 99math adapts to each child's learning style. This means that kids can learn at their own pace and get the help they need when they need it.

The multitude of options offered to keep the children engaging is one of the prime aspects of the features. It opens the chance to enhance their math skills and helps students acquire new knowledge.

Parents can create a profile for their children and track their progress. This allows parents to see how their child is doing and ensure they are on track. Parents can now get more detailed reports on their child's progress.

99math Features

It is not just for the facts practice on math, as there are over 1,000 math topics you can pick from. You only have to select the grade, and topics will pop up. To get these done, you must land on the site at join.99math.com.

It takes about a minute for the teachers to set up this game while the kids start to join the devices and have a browser.

Students join 99math on their own devices and enter the game code you receive as the teacher when you set up a game. Teachers simply choose a topic, customise it to the level of their pupils, and preview sample student tasks. Then decide whether to play in real-time as a class or assign it for asynchronous practice.

There are two game modes available in 99math:

Live game – You can play together in the video call or a classroom, which is a highly engaging experience. You can start your game experience for students by using the 99math student login.

Homework – You can even send over the practice assignments. You can use this mode to train your students on their own time and get them together in the live game.

Both these game modes would leave the control in your hands as the teacher would decide on the tenure of the games for the kids. In this manner, you would know the amount of time required as the live games have three rounds for 30 seconds, and in the homework mode, the kids have to resolve around 50 tasks at their speed.

After you have selected the game mode, you are all prepared to invite your students to the game who can use the 99math enter code.

You can easily send the game code or even the link to your pupils or share your screen with them to show the joining instructions on the screen.

What age is it appropriate for?

99math is appropriate for students of elementary and middle schools. 

What skills does it improve?

99Math is a fun game that will help you learn fundamental math principles. It allows a competitive spirit to emerge in children, so keep that in mind before you attend. Some children lack strong talents or are self-conscious about their

Is 99math safe to use?

99math is safe to use and there are no ads.

How will teachers benefit?

After the first game, the teacher will receive a report detailing the kids' progress. It shows how many questions each student was able to answer correctly as well as how many questions each student was able to answer correctly.

It also informs teachers if a student hasn't responded to any questions, which could indicate a problem with their device or the fact that they had to leave the classroom for whatever reason during practice.

99math generates reports that can be used to track student progress and identify areas where additional help is needed. This makes it an excellent tool for formative assessment.

How will students benefit?

Students are more enthusiastic about learning multiplication facts. Students make an effort to use their facts more efficiently. Easy to use, many possibilities for setting up games, and live and remote options are all entertaining.

Students can play math activities individually or as a class on the interactive website 99math. There are over 1,000 arithmetic themes to pick from, so it's not just a math facts drill. Simply choose your grade level, and the topics will appear.

Final Verdict of 99math

99math is a free math website for kids consisting of 60 entertaining exercises improving thinking skills for 5 to 12-year-old children. 99math is a great way to improve your kids' arithmetic skills by speeding up your learning.

Kids develop a competitive spirit and a desire to progress. You'll receive data and reports to help you track your progress and figure out where you should focus your efforts. Kids are clamouring to play the game. You can almost hear their brains working during the game!

99math is an engaging review game exclusively for math.

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