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Read age-appropriate website reviews for kids and parents written by our experts. Educational App Store brings you the top unbiased website reviews - from kids websites to school product websites.

While there are thousands of websites designed for children, not all of them offer high-quality resources and appropriate content. To help you achieve this goal, we have gone through and tested thousands of websites to ensure that your kids access the right websites. These websites are used by K-12 students, teachers, and parents worldwide. Each website is then sorted into categories like Maths, Reading, Homeschooling and so on. All of these resources are safe, educational and engaging.

    VEDAMO is a web-based app for delivering lessons remotely. It includes many tools to support this, including video conferencing, screen sharing, and tools for individuals and small groups to break away from the main lesson. Teachers using VEDAMO remain in control of the lesson and have access to a robust interactive whiteboard and tools for bringing in interactive and rich media. New users can test VEDAMO with a 30-day free trial or request a live demonstration. The complete VEDAMO Virtual Classroom described in this review is available through a simple subscription structure. 

    iSpring is a free quiz-creation tool designed for creating eLearning materials. Educators can create multiple-choice, multiple-response, and short-answer questions and deploy them to students in a SCORM-compliant format. iSpring's quizzes are age-neutral in appearance, making them suitable for students of all ages. The creation software requires a Windows-based computer. The output files can be viewed on any device with a browser once uploaded to a suitable location. iSpring is part of a much larger suite for creating e-Learning material, but it still produces fully usable quizzes. This review is based entirely upon iSpring, and references to the full iSpring Suite are for information and comparative purposes.                                                

    Inspirit is a 3D model-based learning platform for biology, chemistry, and physics. It has precompiled lesson plans and resources, 3D simulations and illuminating 3D models to help kids grow their scientific understanding. All of this content is available through a browser. Much of inspirit is usable on mobile devices’ browsers, but the simulations require computers with hardware keyboards.  Inspirit’s lessons meet NGSS standards, and the platform is designed for students aged 13 and older. All of the content described in this review is available for free.  In future, inspirit will add premium features, but this substantial baseline of content and more will remain free.

    Preceden is a timeline maker app that puts ease-of-use and visually pleasing results at the centre of its design. It is a web-based app that lets you create, customise, and share timelines in many formats. The timelines are perfect for personal organisation, communicating plans, and gaining clarity of a sequence of events. Teachers and students alike will find the app useful. Preceden has a feature-limited free trial, and a subscription fully unlocks the service. As a web app, Preceden will work on almost any modern device.

    eyeZy is a powerful parental control app that gives parents a lot of information about their kid’s use of their devices. Once installed and linked to kids’ Android or iOS devices, you can monitor location, messaging, photos, social media and more using eyeZy’s web-based dashboard. eyeZy is a subscription-based service with a comprehensive supporting website and interactive examples of the app at work. Some features require rooting your Android device or Jailbreaking your iOS device.

    TypeTastic! is an interactive, game-based program designed to help K–12 students learn basic typing skills. TypeTastic is entirely browser-based and works on all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) and on desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads.

    TypingClub is web-based free typing tool. Typing Club is a fun way to learn how to type as well as to improve typing skills. Typing Club is expected to be used by students ranging from late elementary school to high school.

    Lumio is a SMART Technologies' web app that lets teachers create their lesson resources and share them across students' devices rather than only to a classroom screen—although they can still do this. Lumio's functionality opens up new teaching opportunities and activities in traditional classroom settings and remote learning. Lumio is compatible with almost all relevant file formats to ensure compatibility with your existing planning and teaching resources. As web-based software, Lumio is compatible with as many devices as possible. You can try it out with a free personal account that comes with 50MB of storage or a premium plan with unlimited online space and accompanying SMART Notebook software.

    Singing Carrots is a web-based tool that provides learners with the opportunity to build their skills in singing, with initial introductions around finding your own vocal range and exercises to improve pitch, tuning, tone, scale and depth of singing ability. makes buying audiobooks easy and offers better value than many alternative options. You make your purchases on the website and listen to them on the iOS or Android apps. If you would like to use the audiobooks in other ways, you are free to download the files and play them in any mp3 compatible software on any computer or device. The books available cover every genre and range from children's books to the latest bestsellers. Each one is an individual purchase at a reasonable price, but a monthly subscription to's Flexpass gives you a significant discount on every book you buy. 

    Writelike is a web based programme that has been designed to help children develop their writing skills, particularly their advanced writing abilities. Based on a number of very relevant learning theories (such as cognitive load theory) which are very big in education at the moment, a lot of research has gone into creating a tool where students can be guided in a greater depth to improve their writing skills. The developers have broken down 5 key reasons why teaching writing is hard and has tried to combat each of these through their online tool. Issues such as time, practice and instruction Writelike aims to be the place where all this can happen.

    VideoProc Vlogger is a desktop online app suitable for Vloggers (video log or video blog) and those who wish to capture and edit cinematic videos for everyday creativity, special moments or just for fun. An intuitive piece of video-editing software suitable for hobbyists, videographers and Vloggers who have experience in online video editing, however, the software is also suitable for beginners who can follow the online tutorials and experiment within limitation. VideoProc Vlogger is free from in-app adverts and in-app purchases. VideoProc Vlogger is available as a desktop application and supports both Windows and Mac.

    Typing Pal is a comprehensive tool for students who need to learn and improve their keyboarding technique. The course prioritises accuracy over speed and offers three learning settings with various visuals and practice texts. 

    ReadWorks is a free website offering thousands of high-quality resources to improve students' reading comprehension. You can find a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts, activities and assessments, as well as an online platform that teachers can use for tracking student progress. is a free typing platform where learners in K-12 and beyond can develop excellent keyboarding skills.

    ReadWriteThink is an online resource that contains lessons, interactive activities, printables, and an app to help kids improve their reading and writing skills.

    Reading Plus is an online reading programme that provides students with a variety of intriguing materials to discover and enjoy. It uses software that adapts to each student's reading level to teach silent reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.

    Exploratorium is a science website that has an educational area with links, exercises, and movies covering practically every facet of science, from biology and geology to physics and space science.

    Whooo's Reading is a reading website that encourages kids to consider what they read critically. Students keep track of what book they're reading and then respond to open-ended questions, write reviews, and answer reading comprehension questions. The website has an automatic grading system that assesses student comments for length and complexity, as well as a feature that allows teachers to assess student responses and provide feedback.

    Lexia Core5 Reading is an early literacy programme that uses individualised learning to help pupils develop core reading abilities. Individualized online learning activities, constant progress monitoring, and a library of lessons and materials are all part of the three-part blended-learning approach for data-driven, teacher-led training. The programme focuses on phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and structural analysis, which are all important parts of reading teaching.

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