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While there are thousands of websites designed for children, not all of them offer high-quality resources and appropriate content. To help you achieve this goal, we have gone through and tested thousands of websites to ensure that your kids access the right websites. These websites are used by K-12 students, teachers, and parents worldwide. Each website is then sorted into categories like Maths, Reading, Homeschooling and so on. All of these resources are safe, educational and engaging. is one of the world's largest online art instruction sites, which comes as a complete surprise to everyone. Drawspace is a popular drawing and painting programme that offers the best drawing and painting programmes. Drawspace is a mid-performing brand within its sector, according to the in-depth Drawspace study, when compared to its competitors. 

    99math is a fun and interactive math game that helps students learn and practice math skills. 99math is available for grades 1-8 and covers a wide range of topics, including basic math, equations, perimeter and area, fraction conversion, and more. 

    Brainzy is an education games platform that is cloud-based so it is accessed purely online. The advantage of that is that it runs in a browser window, making it possible to use on most devices, from smartphones and tablets to computers and Chromebooks.

    EdrawMax helps its users develop ideas, visualise them, and collaborate as they go. Its tools suit the creation of a wide variety of diagrams, infographics and charts that the app ensures always look crystal clear and attractive. Its output could be used for lesson resources, curriculum development, student support, and school development planning. EdrawMax is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and the web. You can try it out for free and subscribe for the full feature set to continue. If you choose not to subscribe, a limited free version will remain available for your use.

    PDF Candy is an app to create, edit, convert and manipulate pdf files. As a web app, it is accessible on any device with a browser. There is also a PDF Candy desktop app compatible with Windows computers, offering extra features and full offline access for those who choose a supporting plan. PDF Candy has a trial plan with limited features for users to try the service. The complete toolset is available through two subscription plans or a one-off purchase for the lifetime plan, including the desktop app. This review of PDF Candy used the monthly premium plan.

    Brighterly is a math tutor platform that matches your child to an experienced and trained math teacher. Each session, students use the Brighterly spend 45 minutes learning and practising math under the guidance of their tutor with the custom Brighterly tools, games and activities. Brighterly offers packages of different course lengths, with the longer ones providing extra features such as homework help. The platform is ideally suited to kids following the CCSS aged between 4 and 14. As the tutors are experienced in education, they will adapt to suit your child if they have special educational needs. The service is provided through a web app, making it usable on any device with a browser, webcam and microphone.

    TypeDojo is a web-based application developed to teach the user to type with speed and accuracy. The extremely comprehensive set of exercises are all timed and are based around groups of key words for example Dolch Words and Sight words. The user has the opportunity to have a Certificate of Accomplishment printed off to certify their proficiency in keyboarding. TypeDojo is designed for Primary School children but could be used at any age as a refresher to sharpen up your keyboarding skills.

    Office Timeline Pro is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that provides intuitive and powerful extra features to make creating visual timelines for project management, planning, and history teaching easier. This add-in is easy to use, and creative teachers could incorporate student use into their lessons. Still, the main benefits will be in school management, administration, and lesson and curricula planning. History teachers will have the bonus of quickly being able to create great-looking custom timelines of historical periods. If you need the functionality of this add-in without Windows, there is a web-based version for use on Mac and Linux. You install Timeline Office Pro from a downloadable executable file (exe). You can get this for free and use the basic tier of the add-in before upgrading at a later date if you choose.

    Clicker Monster lets students respond to teacher-set questions by entering their answers into a mobile device. Teachers see a live reflection of their students' answers and can access a record of the responses. Typically, teachers will set the questions via a presentation app, such as PowerPoint, and let Clicker Monster handle the answering and record-keeping. The teacher dashboard and student input screens are web-based, allowing maximum device compatibility. Clicker Monster is entirely free for teachers and students with no feature restrictions.

    Blooket is a web-based quiz game platform where teachers launch a game and students join with a code. Games can be played solo or in teams, or they can be assigned as homework, depending on the game mode.

    FRANKENSTORIES is a collaborative writing website that aims to help young children improve their writing skills whilst in a friendly, fun environment. is a web-based application that uses excellent graphics, clear information, and targeted assessment to support users in elevating their understanding and furthering their knowledge of the human body. provides a thorough bank of information detailing key knowledge of the essential areas of the human body. This wealth of written content is supported by detailed 3d imagery providing a realistic insight into the human body.

    Baamboozle is an online game-style learning platform that provides accessible and entertaining engagement for the classroom and beyond. Baamboozle, unlike some other quiz-based apps, is all on simplicity. As a result, it stands out as a very user-friendly platform that works on even older devices, making it extremely accessible. This online learning platform teaches through games. It comes with a variety of activities to get your pupils started, but you can also create your own. As a result, as teachers contribute their own problems to the resource pool, the library of content continues to increase.

    Dochipo is a graphic design web app with an accessible workflow that makes creating all sorts of visually attractive documents easy. School staff can create impressive newsletters, school community social media posts, and lesson resources. Students can produce artistic school projects and assignments.  DocHipo is simple to try for free by creating an account on its web app. As a web app, it is compatible with most modern hardware, but it is especially suitable for Windows, Mac and Chromebooks.

    Setapp is an app distribution platform rather than an app, and it gives you full and unlimited access to more than 200 high-quality apps on iOS and Mac devices for a single subscription. These apps cover categories such as art, writing, photo manipulation, security, and more.  The subscription price can be lower than you might be paying for a single app, and you can take out a seven-day free trial to the Setapp service. Teachers and students who are productive users of Apple devices should read on to see how the Setapp service and its collection of apps faired in this review. is a free online typing tutorial, to give you the most advanced learning experience and let you develop your typing skills faster. set itself apart from most of the typing practice software by employing statistics and smart algorithms to automatically generate typing lessons matching your skills. 

    GoEast Mandarin is an online Chinese language tutoring service offering one-to-one language tuition for children aged 3 to 12. Children are encouraged to develop an intuitive feeling for the Mandarin language through conversations, games, puzzles and activities, with lessons structured against the internationally recognised YCT and HSK tests.

    Busy Things is a cross-subject teaching and learning resource full of activities, games, and teaching tools for kids aged between 4 and 11. All the content is mapped to English, Scottish, and Australian school curricula and covers most of the subjects taught in these schools. These include Mathematics, English, Science, and History. It also addresses learning to read with phonics and supports various phonics methods. Busy Things is a web app, ensuring it is compatible with desktop and mobile devices with modern browsers. Following a free trial which does not require payment details, Busy Things requires a subscription to access its 1,000+ activities.

    AhaSlides is an interactive presentation software that allows public speakers and teachers to turn one-sided sessions and lectures into exciting, impactful, and engaging presentations.

    Night Zookeeper is an easy to use, child-friendly platform based around a series of magical storybooks. This online platform is designed to inspire and help primary school children (6 to 12 years of age) with their creative writing as well as teaching them about grammar, spelling, vocabulary, writing skills and drawing through a series of lessons and games. 

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