How to prepare students for math success

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This 30-minute webinar focuses on the importance for future math success of developing fluency and automaticity with math facts and how to help students achieve it.

Dr. Don Crawford, the author of Rocket Math and Justin Smith, CEO of the Educational App Store will discuss

  1. What are math facts and why are they important for future math success.
  2. What happens when students haven’t memorized math facts.
  3. How can you best help students learn math facts.

Featured Speaker - Dr. Don Crawford

Dr. Don is an educator with over 40 years of experience in elementary through university classrooms. His Ph.D. is from the University of Oregon where he learned about the curriculum design principles that have made Rocket Math so successful over the last 20 years. He put those principles into the design of the Rocket Math iOS app as well as the up-coming browser-based Rocket Math app.

About Rocket Math

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An award-winning game that’s helping thousands of children enjoy learning math facts.

  • Fast paced practice develops recall from memory to replace finger counting.
  • Students get lots of concentrated practice so they gradually master facts in sequence.
  • Passing levels reveals a rocket and earns congratulations from Mission Control.

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