Webinar : Get your Kids Enjoying Maths this Summer!

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This 30-minute webinar focuses on how to get kids improving maths this summer.

Few children want anything associated with school or homework to interfere with FUN during the summer holidays. But less practice during the holidays could mean a tougher start of school term as children rebuild their skills to pre-summer levels.

What will you learn?

  1. Combining maths and fun in the app world
  2. The joy of exploration vs. answering questions
  3. How to encourage children to practice their maths

Monica McDonnell, the author of 5 star maths app Duck on the Run and Justin Smith, CEO of the Educational App Store will be leading the talk and taking your questions too.

Featured Speaker - Monica McDonnell

In 2017, Monica embarked on a journey to help academic researchers, underserved by the digital transformation, benefit in the same way as for-profit industries. The concept behind Duck on the Run is to create a platform to bring families and researchers together, with a common interest of improving math and numeracy. In order to make the app more entertaining, she reused the characters her 8 year old daughter had created for her cartoon series: A witty duck, a grumpy pig and a fairly stupid hen.

About Duck on the Run

Connecting numerical learning and research through gameplay

  • Children - Use your maths skills to save Duck from Pig, who wants his feathers for a pillow. Ask your parents for extra lives once you complete your homework.
  • Parents - Encourage your child to focus on clear maths learning goals: speed, accuracy, or time. Ability to set targets and track progress. Privacy by default and design provides peace of mind.
  • Academics - Reach an international audience for study recruitment, and access to a large data set. Capture specific data points for your studies by releasing custom mini games for greater control and fast adaptation of study design.

Duck on the Run Screenshots

Rocket maths add
Rocket maths add 2
Rocket maths multiply
Rocket maths multiply 2
Rocket maths multiply 2