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How do you know which apps are most relevant to use with your students? How can you tell which ones can be integrated with your lesson planning?

We take away the laborious task of finding the BEST educational apps and mapping them against the curriculum, giving you more time to concentrate on what you do best - teaching!

With a Teacher App Library subscription you get access to the most relevant educational apps on the market. Our rigorous teacher-certification process ensures only the highest educational apps make it into the TAL, and with our teacher-created APPlans and resources, we demonstrate how to use them too!

Curriculum Relevance

Linked to Curriculum

Our extensive library of carefully selected, certified apps are reviewed by experienced teachers and then fully mapped against the UK National Curriculum.

App Guides

APPlans and resources

We provide a guide to the curriculum objectives that each app fulfils and a library of teacher-created lesson plans against each app, showing how they can be integrated into your classroom.

SEN Apps

SEND Library

We have a growing library of apps suitable for use with SEND children or schools. These are fully matched against P-Scales and include APPlans for integration with classroom planning.

App Support

App Support

Ask a trained teacher and educational app expert your app questions large and small. We will answer within 24 hours. Unlimited service for our subscribers.

Exclusive Webinars

Exclusive Webinars

Specially selected technology experts and teachers explain key areas of interest. Join us to ask your questions or watch in your own time.

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Keep up to date with developments in educational apps with our weekly newsletter. Each week we focus on some of the best new educational apps available and tie these in with the school calendar.

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    Knowing that all apps have been curated and certified by fellow teachers and leading academics.
  • Save Time & Money
    Find apps and instructional resources easily. No more prep over the weekend.
  • Inspire Pupils
    What could be more exciting than use of apps in the classroom to increase pupil engagement and attainment.
  • Support
    Have a question? We have the answers!

Teacher Testimonials

Star Rating

Upon exploring the platform more fully with the staff, we all felt that we had missed a huge amount of apps which would have a significant impact in the classroom.

Ben Everitt
Year 6 Teacher,
St Michaels C of E School

Star Rating

I must have saved a good two hours at least last week when it came to purchasing apps, because I could find good apps quickly, with no confusion over age and/or ability levels.

Andrew Riley
Curriculum Leader,
Bede Community Primary School

Star Rating

The Teacher App Library removes so much of the 'trial and error' when looking for new apps. It gives you the information you need to decide if an app is worth downloading, especially if there is a cost involved.

Ted Glover
Head of ICT,
Carlton Primary School