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Reading Apps for Special Education Learners

Guided reading is a common practice in many elementary school classrooms. These reading apps looks at some ways to help students with disabilities succeed in guided reading groups.

Explore and share our selection of reading apps for supporting children with special needs.

    Intro to Letters is designed to help kids learn letters and letter sounds and also learn to trace, read, write, and record letter sounds, names, and phonograms, based on the proven methodology of Montessori. It's particularly useful for kids who need extra help, such as special needs students. Designed to help kids learn letters and letter sounds, Intro to Letters, by Montessorium  is focused and clean, without animation, rewards, or other gimmicks. Kids trace letters with their fingers and hear the letter names and sounds in an activity that mimics Montessori sandpaper letters. The app includes upper and lower case letters, as well as 15 two-letter phonograms. Kids can also record the letter sounds and names if their devices are equipped with microphones.

    Devices: iPhone iPad

    Articulation Station is a comprehensive articulation application to help children speak and pronounce their sounds more clearly. The app enables practice at letter, word and sentence level to improve pronunciation and phonological awareness. Each word has 60 target words and all together Articulation Station Pro has over 1,000 target words. The lite version contains the 'P' sound program for you to try for free with additional sound programs costing between £2.99 & £5.99. Articulation Station pro costs £44.99.

    Devices: iPhone iPad