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How it works

Step 1 - App Tutoring
1.Complete a simple online questionnaire about your app requirements
Step 2 - App Tutoring
2.We will then arrange a session with one of our teachers based on your requirements
Step 3 - App Tutoring
3.Have a 15 minute Skype consultation at a time that suits you
Step 4 - App Tutoring
4.Receive a follow-up report with advice and app recommendations in regards to next steps

Here at the Educational App Store we want you to get the most from our educational apps. We have a team of trained teachers, all with extensive experience using educational apps, happy to impart their knowledge.

A trained teacher and app expert will act as your guide, allowing you to unlock the full educational potential of the apps in our library and giving you the confidence and expertise to accelerate your child's learning!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Educational App Store App Tutoring?

Here at the EducationalAppStore we want you to get the most from our apps. We have a team of trained teachers, all with many years experience using educational apps, happy to talk to you.

Why do we certify apps?

A certification, in the form of a star rating, demonstrating your app's educational quality and thereby increasing the trust which potential customers have in its learning benefits.

How do we certify an app?

We evaluate apps against specific criteria, which have been created in collaboration with Mike Sharples, Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University and a community of EAS-certified teachers.

What makes the EAS different to other review sites?

  • Certification - no other site assesses apps as thoroughly as we do against objective, pedagogically-focused criteria.
  • Teacher reviews - a qualified teacher will provide a written review of your app, giving you access to feedback from a teacher which otherwise can be difficult to acquire.