Best New Apps from December 2023

Explore our new release apps list to help you discover your next great app today. Our list of hand-picked recommendations help users discover new apps to fit their needs by choosing the most accurate categories for your app. Still finding it too hard to choose? Explore our latest apps to help make your mind up. The list is updated weekly, to keep you informed and inspired by the ever-evolving world of apps and games. This is a collection of the best new apps for both iOS and Android for your downloading pleasure.

The following apps will be constantly updated and are a mixture of paid and free ones that have been chosen by our App experts. If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, then check our list of the best new iOS apps instead, and if you’re more into Android, you must check out the best new Android apps.

Best New Apps for iOS and Android

Best New iPhone and iPad Apps

Best New Android Apps

    Chordify provides the learner with the chord charts to play along to any desired song simply by searching within the app.

    iOS Android

    Dolphin EasyReader gives its users easy access to printed content, including newspapers, magazines and books.

    iOS Android

    small talk: language for babies is a nicely presented language-learning app, aimed at mothers and baby or young toddlers as a guided way to further bond with your child in the early years.

    iOS Android

    VERB CARDS: ENGLISH VERBS is an app aimed at helping people learn the most important verbs in the English language.

    iOS Android

    Fender Play is a subscription based service for anyone wanting to learn guitar, bass, ukulele or a combination of these instruments.

    iOS Android

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