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Our Kids App Videos section gives kids and parents access to free app videos, including app promos and how the app can be used in the classroom or at home. We want your kids to be engaged while they learn.

Most kids find out about new videos either from their friends or by clicking on the related videos (which may or may not be appropriate). Our curated libary will expand your child’s knowledge and strengthen critical skills based on your child’s individual academic needs. We know how important it is to raise well-rounded learners, which is why we offer kids learning videos that cover all major subjects:

Preview videos are one of the first visual representations of the app that users will see when searching in the app stores. Our App preview videos are a great way to learn about the features, functionality, and user interface of the educational app before downloading it.

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Maths App Videos

Developer Preview Video


Learnia is a maths and spelling app designed to be attractive to look at as well as useful to children in the early stages of their numeracy and literacy learning.

Download Learnia app

Developer Preview Video

The Runner Quiz : Tables

Children spend a lot of time practising the times tables so having a variety of apps to make this less of a chore is useful. The Runner Quiz: Tables wraps up the learning in a fun and attractive game-like package.

Download The Runner Quiz : Tables app

Developer Preview Video

Duck on the Run

Give your child maths practise as they help Duck evade the clutches of Pig in this colourful and amusing app. As children play, they will also be helping educationalists understand more about learning, and so will be contributing to science themselves.

Download Duck on the Run app

Developer Preview Video

Rocket Math

Children who seem to be making careless errors in arithmetic are perhaps not as fluent in calculation as they might be. Rocket Math is designed to progress arithmetic skills to the point where children can't help but see the right answer.

Download Rocket Math app

Educational App Store Preview Video

Elephant Learning Math Academy

Elephant Learning is an application available on iOS and android platforms. It claims to be the most effective Math Learning Platform ever invented because the application propels learning faster than any other platform and the learning lasts longer. The application supports students from the age of two to eight but we feel that this could extend further for those students who are older but are struggling with math concepts.

Download Elephant Learning Math Academy app

Educational App Store Preview Video


Doodle Maths is not an app that children will use for hours at a time and it is not designed to be. What it is, is an excellent way to keep maths knowledge secure in a way that is painless for children, parents, and teachers. Designed by maths teachers, Doodle Maths adapts to meet you child's current ability and knowledge - just like a teacher would. It facilitates frequent practise and provides help and support to learners who are subscribed to the service.

Download DoodleMaths app

Kids Friendly App Videos

Developer Preview Video


DiaryZapp is an interactive holiday diary app that encourages children to document their holiday adventures in a fun and engaging way whilst improving their communication and literacy skills in the process. Children can draw, write, add photos and stickers to create a record of their day. It is an excellent app to use during the holiday periods when learning can ‘drop-off’ as it encourages young people to keep a visual and written documentation of their holiday time whilst secretly improving their writing skills.

Download DiaryZapp app

Developer Preview Video

Kids Academy Talented & Gifted

Prepare your kid for success in class & beyond with our complete learning course with over 5,000+ activities that includes games, videos and worksheets with a personalized learning plan.

Download Kids Academy Talented & Gifted app

Developer Preview Video

Issa's Edible Adventures

Issa's Edible Adventures is a stunning application that is suitable for ages 6 and above and follows the adventures of Issa as she discovers the ingredients from around the world to help make wonderful dishes. This beautifully designed app has been inspired by celebrity chef Aliya LeeKong who has a passion for bringing global and socially conscious foods into everyday cooking.

Download Issa's Edible Adventures app

Educational App Store Preview Video

CreAPPcuentos - Create funny stories

Let young children be creators as well as consumers of content by encouraging them to build beautiful looking stories in this app. Layout the scenes and add speech and other text to advance the tale according to the young writer's imagination.

Download CreAPPcuentos - Create funny stories app

Children's Music App Videos

Developer Preview Video

Baby Mozart - Children Music

Baby Mozart Children’s Music is a unique application that is guaranteed to help improve your babies sleep and help develop their brain by listening to music. The application is full of content and includes high quality popular classical music tracks, lullaby’s, audio flashcards, nursery rhymes and much more.

Download Baby Mozart - Children Music app

Parental Control App Videos

Developer Preview Video

Screen Time Limit KidCrono

Screen Time Limit KidCrono is a unique application that controls screen time for children and is suitable for all ages of children who use mobile devices on a regular basis. This application helps parents to manage their children’s screen time by rewarding them for respecting their playtime in front of iPad, iPhone or iPod devices.

Download Screen Time Limit KidCrono app

Coding for Kids App Videos

Educational App Store Preview Video

Daisy the Dinosaur

Daisy the Dinosaur is a free app that introduces the basics for coding to children of 5 to 7 years old.The app has simple but cute graphics with limited instructions encouraging students to explore the coding applications themselves. The app provides basic to complex coding with simple steps such as move, spin, jump and roll. Further advanced coding is featured using when and repeat commands.

Download Daisy the Dinosaur app

Teacher Tools Videos

Educational App Store Preview Video


Planning, preparing, inspiring, producing, marking and assessing students' writing is helped with this versatile and original tool.  Available on any device with a web-browser, Scribeasy provides a superb service for both teachers and students. 

Download Scribeasy app

Educational App Store Preview Video


This app has been developed as a tool for readers to either choose to have a book read to them at a speed they wish or to read a book themselves or to do both at the same time. As the book is read out, by a real human voice and not an automated voice, the words are highlighted at the correct time allowing the reader to read along with the audio if they so wish.

Download Read2U app

Educational App Store Preview Video

Study Flash

Study Flash cards app is the ultimate flash card revision tool and study aid for students and professionals. The app creates flash card study aids using a number of different options such as text, audio, pictures and in-app content sharing. This is a great app for those who need to memorize factual information for learning a new language, preparing for an exam or that important presentation or interview.

Download Study Flash app

Children's Book App Videos

Educational App Store Preview Video

Mother Gray and Little Blue

This is an interactive story book from the developers that also produced the popular and successful Jonty – the dinosaur who would not go to sleep interactive storybook. Both the graphics and sounds within the app really help to set the scene and the story itself is just as good as any award winning picture book. The story follows Mother Gray, a whale, and her child whale as they travel through their migration north to the feeding grounds. 

Download Mother Gray and Little Blue app

Educational App Store Preview Video

Miniwalla the forest story

This book-style app weaves a series of tales around animals, the environment and personal development. Accompanied by sing-along tunes and beautiful artwork, children will have a great time getting to know the people and creatures of Miniwalla.

Download Miniwalla the forest story app

Educational App Store Preview Video

Migalolo ocean ebook - 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade reading for kids

Migalolo features nine chapters which supplies over ninety minutes of educational, musical fun! Sing along with original songs as you watch rich graphics that show off scores of diverse sea creatures in their colourful undersea environment. Kids will learn about important conservation topics, the science of the seas, and what they can do to help protect the Earth’s oceans.

Download Migalolo ocean ebook - 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade reading for kids app

Educational App Store Preview Video

The Rainforest Musical Kakamega

A beautifully produced book that interweaves fact and fantasy to sing songs and tell a story that provokes children to think about humankind’s responsibility to protect the rainforests.

Download The Rainforest Musical Kakamega app

Special Education App Videos

Educational App Store Preview Video

DrOmnibus Inclusive Education

Dromnibus-Inclusive Education is a learning solution based on Applied Behaviour Analysis, one of the world’s most effective learning methods, which draws from the extensive experience of scientists and clinicians. DrOmnibus Inclusive Education is a motivating, task-based learning app that aims to develop behaviour and cognitive skills through a graduated approach.   

Download DrOmnibus Inclusive Education app

Geography App Videos

Educational App Store Preview Video

Geo Flags Academy

Studying flags can provide an access point to learning about different countries and is a useful element of general knowledge.  From sporting events to political news, being able to identify a country's flag can provide context and understanding.  Geo Flags Academy teaches and secures the skill of flag recognition by employing the format of a multiple-choice quiz.

Download Geo Flags Academy app