EAS Certification - How we certify apps and websites

EAS App Certification

EducationalAppStore.com is a discovery, review and recommendation marketplace for educational apps and websites. All of our apps and websites are reviewed by a professional experienced teacher using 25 metrics designed by Professor of Educational Technology, Mike Sharples.

Our Certification Process

An experienced and practicing teacher carries out app certification. They score individual app/website against our unique rubrics learning criteria. These criteria assess the aspects that make up an educational app/website and which are critical from a learning perspective. These include, but are not limited to:


EAS App Certification - Content

The quality, depth and relevance of the material within the app/website

Educational Value

EAS App Certification - Curriculum

The extent to which the app/website provides real and genuine educational difference


EAS App Certification - Integration

How easily could the app/website be used in classrooms and at home by children.


EAS App Certification - Navigation

The ease of navigation, the aesthetics and themes of the app/website

At the EducationalAppStore.com we believe in providing educational apps and websites that can make a genuine change to children’s life across the world.

The educational space is an incredibly crowded market. That’s why we work with our community of developers to ensure they can gain the credibility and visibility needed to be successful within it.