Free Resources for Schools and Parents During COVID-19 Outbreak

Last update: 03/04/2020 (Updated weekly)

In response to the school closures over the next several weeks in response to fears about the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), edtech companies have stepped forward to help educators reach students in virtual ways. In many cases, the companies are making their paid services free through the rest of the school year; in other cases, they're lifting limits to services and/or adding premium features to what's free.

Meanwhile, parents, now likely working from home, are struggling to focus, and make sure their kids maintain their school routine and keep learning.

Educational App Store is dedicated to providing the best free resources for educators and families during this time of extended remote learning. This page will be updated continuously throughout the next several weeks.

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Rocket Math

Rocket Math

The fast-paced Online Game teaches children math facts in a way they enjoy passing the many milestones along the way. Students are only allowed to play for a few minutes at time, but at home they can log on hourly if they wish.

DIRECTIONS: You need to register for an account at the above link, set up the number of student seats you want, assign login credentials to the seats and select which Learning Track on which they begin. Then students open a browser and go to to to login and play.

Sign up today and receive your first trial for 60 days!

Zapzapmath School Premium

Zapzapmath School Premium

Zap Zap Math app covers a comprehensive syllabus of math games from Kindergarten to Grade 6 that are based around the Common Core.

As a parent or teacher, you get access to the web dashboard, an analytical reporting system that keeps track of your kids’ learning progress as they play.

Students will have full access to all features and all 180 games until the end of July 2020.

ST Math

ST Math

ST Math is a web-based visual instructional program that leads to deep conceptual understanding of math. Access the award-winning, patented ST Math approach for your use at home - FREE through June 30, 2020.

Students using ST Math at home will have access to the same content they are working with at school, including a total of 35,000 puzzles across grades PreK-8. Students can access ST Math using a PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet running the latest version of Chrome.

Vegetable Maths Masters

Vegetable Maths Masters

Vegetable Maths Masters is a free, fun maths app using vegetables. Children can practise maths skills whilst playing with real images of vegetables. The app teaches children about the names of the vegetables and helps to make the vegetables more familiar. The app is designed to support maths and, at the same time, encourage healthy eating.

Available on iPhone, iPad and Android

Elapsed Time

Elapsed Time

‘Elapsed time’ is a unique application that is aimed at primary school aged children and provides an exploratory environment that teaches them how to work out elapsed time. It contains two learning environments: Daily Activities and Elapsed Time. In both environments the app synchronises a changing background and daily events with a clock and a timeline to give a child the impression of time moving through the day.

Available on iPhone, iPad



AdditionNSubtraction! is an app that turns mathematical adding and subtracting into a game format. The application uses a computer-based platform game to teach the skills of addition and subtraction over a variety of different levels.

The app is available on iPhone, iPad.


Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach Your Monster to Read

The Teach your Monster to Read is an award winning app that teaches children to read in a fun and simplistic manner. The app covers the first two years of reading, from matching letters and sounds to enjoying books. The app has been designed in collaboration with academics at Roehampton university and Complements Phases 2-5 of UK Government-approved Letters and Sounds and other major systematic synthetic phonics programmes.

Parents will be able to keep track of children's progress, identify and develop their child's talents and work on the topics that need improvement.

Available on iPhone, iPad and Android


EdPlace: English, Maths & Science worksheets

EdPlace have opened up their English, maths and science question and answer activities on their website. This means anyone can use their teacher-created content without an account. All their resources are aligned to the National Curriculum and appropriate for students in Year 1 all the way up to GCSE.

To help mitigate the effect of school closures on teachers and students, they are offering free access for up to 100 students to our KS1 - GCSE English, maths and science learning resources during their school's closure period.

News-O-Matic EDU

News-O-Matic EDU

News-O-Matic is a daily newspaper for kids. It provides an engaging nonfiction experience for children, complete with valuable literacy tools for the classroom. This application is a combination of interactive technology and games along with exciting news articles and creativity. The content within this software is engaging, plentiful and child safe.

This nonfiction reading comprehension app publishes five news stories each weekday! The stories range in length and difficulty to create opportunities for differentiated instruction. Readers learn what happened on this date in history through an educational game and write or draw to Editor-in-Chief Russ in the News Room.

Available on iPhone, iPad, and Android

Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic Learn at Home is a free website that provides PreK - 9+ students with 20* days’ worth of exciting learning journeys carefully created by our editors spanning the content areas, to keep students academically active during school closures. The site also provides free access to a variety of award-winning digital programs.

"Learning journeys" are divided into four grade bands: pre-K-K, grades 1-2, grades 3-5 and grades 6-9-plus. Lessons cover English language arts, STEM, science, social studies and social-emotional learning.

The site will be updated weekly until all 20 days of content is available.

Narrator AR

Narrator AR

Narrator AR is an Augmented Reality app that supports pre-school writing in a fun and inspiring way. The application is suitable for ages 3 to 5 and encourages children to write words and letters with a pen and paper whilst linking this to an exciting AR experience.

It is a handwriting app that takes your child's handwritten name from pen and paper and launches it off the page using augmented reality (AR). The letters launch as a rocket or a rainbow unicorn trail and appear to levitate off the page. The app is safe for little users. It's ad free, offline and its simplicity ensures that inquisitive fingers have an easy and fun experience.



Mazaam - The Musical Genius

Mazaam offers its edutainment application for free to help parents of children between 4 and 6 years old who are now confined at home. Mazaam app is the best way to introduce classical music to children.

The Mazaam app is a suite of games designed to hone auditory perception, improve concentration, logical reasoning and abstract thought, and stimulate auditory memory. The set of actions within the app aims to stimulate children’s interest in music while supporting their development and children will have fun playing those games.


‎Pixton EDU

Pixton EDU

Use Pixton EDU for grades 3-12 to create stories and demonstrate learning in any subject through digital comics. Users can explore topics in Math, Science, Social Studies, History, English, Art or any other subject. Choose images from popular content, books and movies like The Hunger Games or The Outsiders, plus other topics like the solar system, black history or the environment – all Common Core aligned.

Free, all-access to Pixton EDU for 30days.




Busuu is providing access to FREE online language lessons for kids, taught by our qualified language teachers. Accessing these lessons won’t cost you anything. Busuu is covering all fees for the teachers involved.

You can choose the language your child would like to learn and select your child's age group (5-7, 8-10 and 11-14 years).



Babbel is offering three months of free language learning to U.S. students through mid-June 2020 in any of its languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Indonesian, and English.

Offer is available to students located in the USA only.

Other Useful Apps

Apple COVID-19

Apple COVID-19

The COVID-19 app allow users to answer a series of questions around risk factors, recent exposure and symptoms for themselves or a loved one. In turn, they will receive CDC recommendations on next steps, including guidance on social distancing and self-isolating, how to closely monitor symptoms, whether or not a test is recommended at this time, and when to contact a medical provider.

Anyone in the US who is 18 years or older can access the screening tool and resources today by downloading the COVID-19 app.