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Daticient SARL was founded in 2013 by Monica McDonnell.  Inspired by a love of maths and a frustration with printing out worksheets, in 2017 Daticient became focused on educational apps.   The premise behind Daticient’s apps is that they should be both educational and entertaining – encouraging children to include educational game play within their allowed screen time.

Daticient also has a desire to give contribute to the understanding of learning – or cognition.  Data collected by all apps has immense value in understanding the mechanisms of learning – without the need for using personally identifiable data.  This data is often only used for app improvement or marketing purposes.  The concept behind Daticient’s apps is to this valuable data to build a collaboration between parents and academics – allowing the users of the app to contribute to, and benefit from cutting edge cognitive research.


App Story

School children are often tested on speed and accuracy of math operations – so my children constantly ask me to print out work sheets. Printing out worksheets is annoying, so I was curious about apps. Whilst there are lots of apps out there, I couldn’t find one I felt was entertaining.

I also have a close friend who specializes in the field of numerical cognition. That is, devising specific tests to understand how people learn about numbers and math. Researchers in this field have tights budgets, but could benefit from access to valuable insight from the world of educational apps. Educational apps tend to ‘discard’ data – which these researchers will find valuable.

I set out to create a platform to bring families and researchers together, with a common interest of improving math and numeracy. In order to make the app more entertaining, I reused the characters my 8 year old daughter had created for her cartoon series: A witty duck, a grumpy pig and a fairly stupid hen. Players must guide the three characters through a main game, and six mini games by using only their math and logic skills.

For the current promotion, the focus will be on the parents and children. How can the parents encourage their children to play a maths app – and of course, how enjoyable the game is for the children while they are practicing their maths skills.