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What is EAS Ads?

EAS Ads is the ad network with sponsored ad inventory for Educational App Developers. Our network is used for Keyword Research, Brand Protection, and Customer Prospecting.

We have two types of ads: Creative Display and Text-Only, both of which improve your app’s discoverability and increase the number of users.

Why use EAS Ads?

As a marketplace, we reach a global community of highly motivated educators, which are proprietary and fraud-free. Our click-through rates range between 8-10% on text-only adverts, with delivery conversion rates between 3-18%, (conversion rates may vary, depending upon the type of ad you use, its effectiveness, and the targeted audience). In general, our display ads tend to have lower conversion rates than text-only ads, since they often rely on visuals and graphics to convey an effective message.

EAS Ads Basic and Advanced

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How it works

Our marketing and web team manages basic ads from a broad-match keyword perspective. In the basic ad package, your advertising will be automatically matched to relevant search queries and a performance report will be provided, at the end of every campaign.

In an advanced ad package, you will direct the marketing and web team to align with your promotional requirements. You will have the opportunity to target specific audience segmentations, i.e., age, gender, user type, device, and location, promote with exact keyword and search clusters, and access to a campaign dashboard with full tracking options.

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