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We are the world's leading discovery, review and recommendation marketplace for educational apps and websites. Educational App Store is a place where thousands of people discover new apps every day, and a great way to get users to try your app. We offer the largest, most trusted library of independent age-based ratings and reviews for apps, games and websites.

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Educational App Store reviews will add gold stars and ratings next to your search results in Google and other search engines. We'll also include your product and your review scores in our regular "Best of" lists.

Educational App Store Certification

Educational App Store Certification

Using an in-depth certification guide designed by a team of expert teachers and educators, the Educational App Store certification is an independent safety service and seal-of-approval program created exclusively for edtech applications and websites, including educational apps, games and productivity tools for teachers, parents and students.

Our brand equity and authority within the Educational Sector will increase your exposure, provide a competitive edge and potential growth in revenue. Around the world, parents, educators and publishers look for our badge when selecting quality apps and games.

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