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Our network of EAS educators are here to support developers like you, by providing an insight into the educational needs of today’s student and teacher. Our certification process can highlight the proficiency and effectiveness of your application. Accredited teachers follow specific metrics when reviewing your application, established by a Professor of Education. This feedback can help progress your own knowledge and skills, all of which could positively impact your app and its users.

Our brand equity and authority within the Educational Sector can boost your platform; with the EAS badge you achieve giving you a competitive edge and increased revenue potential.


App Marketing

We understand the need for more data intelligence and transparency for app developers, especially those within the Educational Sector. We are the only independent platform dedicated to testing educational apps to assess its applicability to the market and usefulness for its users.

We can help you identify and implement the necessary growth techniques from a marketing and sales perspective. Providing you with vital insight of who is using your app, where they are using it from and how you can influence these numbers by publishing your application with us.

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