YouTube voted number one search engine for youth

Youtube Number One Search Engine For Youth

A few years ago I was shocked to see that, despite Google being our Internet landing page, my young daughter’s search engine of choice was YouTube.


For goodness sake she was only 6; where had she heard about YouTube from? Cue ironic answer… she was looking for a song on Google and it took her to YouTube. She then found the site so easy to use she was soon hooked. This morning I sat watching across the living room from the sofa as my eight year old son and his buddie were inserting clips from Disney’s Frozen via YouTube into their artbooks on MovieStar Planet.

So it is of no surprise to hear that in autumn 2013 YouTube was named again as a number one youth brand.

I am relieved to hear that YouTube finally responded to parent and educator pressure by having parent controls to safely implement a YouTube safe search in browsers.  You will need a Google account to lock your safe search but everything you need to do is clearly explained when you go to this link.

Safe surfing


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