So what, what now, from an App perspective?

I am regularly asked, whether sat with my team, on an advisory panel or at an invitational event, where the educational app market is headed and what it is going to look like.

The truth of the matter is no one really knows with 100% accuracy, as the marketplace is still embryonic (6 years old) and consumers, specifically schools and teachers, are starting to embrace technological change across the world. However one thing is certain, that mobile devices are here to stay and the future is that of quality ‘Content and Insight’.

Since many of the world’s largest tablet rollouts are now entering their third/ fourth year of implementation, the educational form factor has been decided and platforms stabilised. The innovation in terms of hardware is slowing, whilst the innovation in software is going to explode.

Apps, as we all know are pieces of software designed to fulfil a particular purpose, which are then downloadable by a user to a mobile device. From an educational perspective they are built to support mobile learning, whether connected to the internet or not, and are increasingly becoming more adaptive, based upon the collation of user data.In the past, most educational apps have come in the form of digitised books or games labelled as Educational.

Over the next 24 months in the wider app marketplace, we are going to see fragmentation, due to the increased popularity of apps and the need for specialist store’s , as on the high street. We will witness an increased availability in online professional development, coupled by the continual introduction from the larger stores, of their own educational app collections.

However at the end of the day, the killer app is still the teacher. The use of educational apps will only grow, if they are supported professionally and the content found within these apps, is underpinned by thorough testing and regulation.


CEO and Founder of Educational App Store

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