Ways to Promote and Manage Parent-School Communication

 It’s no surprise that, when there is a good channel of communication between parents and teachers, pupil attainment is improved. There is much evidence to support this and many studies have been undertaken that show that schools that encourage, facilitate and develop better commination with parents constantly improve – not just academic standards -but pupil motivation, behaviour and attendance too.

 Parents that are kept in the loop feel more empowered, better in control of their children’s learning and attainment, are more likely to be engaged and have a better attitude towards the school and the teaching staff too.

 For teachers, having up-to-date knowledge of pupils’ home situations, on a week-by-week and sometimes day-to-day basis, allows for better understanding of their pupil needs and requirements so they can better meet them. Apps that facilitate and allow for easy-to-manage commination, can only be a win-win for teachers, parents and of course pupils!

To this end here are our top tips to help you think about your communication with parents:

  1.  Consistency – Parents like to be (and deserve to be) kept in the loop. Set up tools to manage this easily and effectively and have constancy so that communication is regular and so that parents know how to get in touch with you in the most appropriate way. Setting these parameters up and communicating them to all parents is key. Start thinking now about the best communication platforms so you’ll be ready and prepared for the next academic year.
  1. Build Trust – Some parents have negative attitudes towards school, teachers and their children’s academic experience. This is usually because of poor personal experiences of school and this can leave a legacy that spans generations. Reaching out to parents in a way that is meaningful, personal and thoughtful can break down barriers and bring pupils (and even their parents) closer to academic success.
  1. High Expectations – Focusing on the positive rather than the negative and communicating successes more frequently than short-comings is a sure-fire way to get parents and pupils on-side. Boosting a child’s self-esteem though positive communication with their parents is a huge motivator.
  1. Don’t Wait – If a child has done something well, tell their parents that day if possible and certainly within that week. if something isn’t going well, try and find out why as soon as you can. Often times an issue in a child’s personal home situation plays out through poor behaviour or concentration at school. Be on it quickly so you can manage it and accommodate.
  1. Develop a Partnership – Building strategies to support pupils that span home and school is so important to pupil success. Opening up the dialogue and keeping those communication channels open through the school year is key. Developing partnerships, working respectfully and modelling collaboration will make everyone focused on the end goal – happy, healthy and successful pupils!

Have fun (and success!) opening up communication with your parent body!

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