Unblock YouTube Videos

YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform that helps users watch, like, comment, upload and share any media creation. This online streaming platform is completely free to use. However, not everyone can access it worldwide because of restrictions placed in Vietnam, China, and some other countries.

Ways to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in Your Country

Here are the six ways to watch blocked YouTube videos in your country and help bypass YouTube region lock.

1) VPNs

A VPN (virtual private network) is the safest and strongest way to mask your IP address. It enables you to hide your IP and bypass YouTube region lock without any hassle. VPNs have good security features that keep you more anonymous while surfing the Internet. VPNs allow you to access areas of the Internet that are blocked due to geo-restrictions.

2) Proxy

Proxy is a server application that treats you as you are using a different IP address. A proxy acts as an intermediary between clients sending requests and servers responding. The primary use of a proxy is to maintain privacy and encapsulation between multiple interactive systems. However, it slows down your connection and doesn’t encrypt your activity.

3) Smart DNS

A smart DNS is a tool that provides access to various online entertainment channels. It requires you to change the address of the Internet either manually or with the help of third-party programs. This way, DNS service will think that it has access of countries or regions online content you like to view.

4) Download YouTube Videos

This is one of the easiest options to watch YouTube videos blocked in your country. There are many websites that are designed to save YouTube video clips so that you can enjoy them offline. This requires some planning as you need to decide ideal methods to store videos on your device.

5) Use Tor to Unblock YouTube Videos

Tor is a browser that keeps your online activity completely anonymous. It slows down your internet when you connect it, but your IP address will still untraceable. The only issue with the Tor browser is that you cannot select the country from where you will finally be connected.

6) Use Google Translate

Google translate is the last option that enables you to watch blocked YouTube videos. All you have to do is to search for the videos you like in a different language. If you do not speak any other languages, you can simply utilize Google translate to get the explanation of search query in German, Portuguese, French, etc.

The search engine here will show you the foreign language results. You have to choose to view the site in your language by clicking on “Translate this page”. This way your computer will load links only from Google translate, therefore bypassing country restrictions of YouTube is imposed by your employer or school.

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