Our Top Tips For Spectacular Science

With Science being a hands-on subject, one that requires equipment, measuring and investigation, one might think that apps were not well-placed to help children in their scientific enquiry. This is certainly a misconception. With many super science apps available, you are sure to find many to help make science interactive, engaging and memorable for your kids at home.

Science is a subject that should delight and inspire. What’s not to love about learning all about the world around us – how and why the natural world works in the way it does and observing and measuring natural phenomena?

Apps lend themselves really well to exploration of the natural world and they are also provide a level of interaction that is exciting and stimulating.

So which apps can you use to engaged your kids? Here are our top tips:

1) Chemistry - One of our all-time best chemistry apps is ChemCaper. It’s a full-blown, highly-developed mega game that mixes in Chemistry to form a solution that is like none other! It covers key Chemistry concepts such as laboratory apparatus and separating techniques and there are scientific themes that are subtler such as covalent, ionic and metallic bonding. Although it’s recommended for 11+ younger children will enjoy it too, with some support.

2) Space - Families can learn about the night sky and the history of its observation using Audio Sky Tours. Its sequence of lessons can be used either when observing the stars or as a guide in advance of a topic on space.

3) Plant and Animals –  A popular exercise for children to complete when learning about plants and animals is to label a diagram. By doing this, they show their knowledge of the different parts and compartmentalise them in their minds to enable them to think more deeply about their specific purpose. Naming Parts of Plants and Animals does what its name suggests and turns this activity into a fun and interactive app.

4) The Human Body – Children can learn about bodily processes at the same time as micro-organisms in Antidote. Users are required to apply scientific knowledge to stop these deadly diseases from attacking the body’s defences. Set in a futuristic lab, under a microscope, this game uses excellent graphics and sound to engage users of all ages.

4) Best Science Apps List – Do some exploring and investigating yourself with some of our very best science apps list!

Good luck your discovering some super science apps in your home!

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