Top Programming Languages to Learn to Build Mobile Apps

Are you in the market to design and build apps? Apps are one of the most important ways that content creators connect with their audiences, and a well-designed app can make the difference between success and failure for a new venture. But with apps taking the world by storm, a rush of developers has entered the market in order to ride the app wave to profit. If you want to be one of the winners in the app gold rush, you need to be able to set yourself apart. So, which programming language should you learn in order to build the best and most useful apps and get yourself a slice of the app-builder pie? In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the strongest choices for learning to build apps.


Python is the world’s most important app programming language, representing almost one-third of all apps produced. Python is the most-taught programming language, and it is also one of the most versatile, handling both graphical user interfaces and backend systems with ease. The language is also considered one of the easiest languages to learn. Python thrives on the beautiful, explicit, and simple coding that produces effective results. Python, for example, is the programming language behind the successful Dropbox application, as well as the apps used by Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify. Python runs on all the major operating systems and is scalable and easy to read.


While Python runs more apps than any other, Java is the world’s most used programming language. Java accounts for more projects than any other language, at almost one-fourth of all projects developed across all platforms, though they do not all make it to market. Java is popular, but it is used beyond the world of apps, which accounts for the difference between Python and Java when evaluating which is more popular for apps. The Android operating system is written in Java, so Java is a great choice for apps that target the Android market. Java tends to be most popular for big data, websites, and games. Java is easy to learn and easy to read, with hundreds of open-source libraries to help you code in Java.

Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP

PHP is an open-source server-side coding language developed for websites in the mid-1990s. Today, it is used for general-purpose programming, command-line scripting, and for coding applications. PHP is one of the most popular coding apps for apps running on Android or iOS devices. According to one survey, almost 80% of developers use PHP for at least some part of their projects. Facebook, Wikipedia, and Yahoo all use PHP for their websites; however, the use of PHP in apps is somewhat more limited than the website side of development. PHP is especially popular for eCommerce and WordPress plugins. It is considered easy to learn


Swift is relatively new, having debuted in 2014, and it is one of the fastest-growing programming languages on the market today. Demand for Swift is increasing faster than any other language, growing an astonishing 600% year over year. Recent surveys also find that Swift programmers have the highest annual salaries among developers in any language. There are rumours that Google will be switching from Java to Swift, which will only make Swift more popular and more in demand. It might be a good time to get on the Swift train


The Ruby programming language is often described as the second most popular for apps, and it runs about 20% of all apps on the market today. The Ruby language is popular and easy to use. Ruby is more flexible than Python and allows for multiple approaches to solving problems, creating more freedom and creativity in development. Ruby runs websites like Airbnb, Hulu, Kickstarter, and Github.

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