Best Plagiarism Checkers for Students

Through technology, plagiarism checking has been made easier for students especially. Several apps can help students and other users scan an article for plagiarized content. Many of these plagiarism checker apps have mobile and PC versions. This allows students the ease of scanning through any coursework before submission.

These plagiarism checker apps could be free or cost a fee. In some cases, both free and paid plans are made available with paid plans allowing for more features at a fee.

Here is the list of the top plagiarism checker for students to explore:


Grammarly is one of the leading plagiarism checker tools for checking your copy for grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, sentence structure, and also plagiarism.

The software is used by students, teachers, professional writers, and educators alike to produce well-written, original, and well-sourced content. It saves them time and helps them see better results with its instant writing feedback and plagiarism checker.

The tool scans your text and detects plagiarism plus any other writing issues. It catches plagiarism from over 16 billion web pages and ProQuest databases, comparing your text with academic papers in those databases. When a portion of your text matches something written in a database or online, it serves up a plagiarism alert.


Quetext is another plagiarism checker that offers a free tool you can use to check your writing for plagiarism. It uses advanced algorithms and quickly scans your work while keeping it private so no other tool or person can find it online.

The software accurately scans your work using its DeepSearch technology that uses advanced algorithms to perform word placement and contextual analysis in plagiarism scans.

Quetext delivers quick, accurate scans, which is why students and educators alike, among other professionals, use it as their preferred choice.

With the free plagiarism checker, you can scan up to 2,500 words or five pages of documents together with the use of their fuzzy matching, ColorGrade feedback tool, contextual analysis, and conditional scoring.


Unicheck is another top free plagiarism checker that helps you achieve authenticity in your schoolwork. The checker offers quick checking and helps millions of users from over 90 countries worldwide check their files with as little as four seconds for a plagiarism report.

It’s great for students and other individuals or professionals and businesses.

The checker supports bulk uploads, real-time-search, and has a Google Docs add-on feature so you can check your work online as you write.

Unicheck also highlights citations and similarities, plus add-ons for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, which are useful when you want to save time or get convenient ways to check your work.


DupliChecker is a free online plagiarism checker that offers a wide range of other tools including an image-to-text feature, paraphrasing, spell check, MD5 generator, and change text case tool.

The plagiarism checker inspects duplicate content on your document or web page and scans it for any mirrored copy. It also examines your grammar and optimizes your content so you can submit unique information that will earn you good grades.

Paper Rater

PaperRater is a top writing assistant that helps students write better and create quality content. PaperRater uses AI technology to check for plagiarism, and spot similar content as well as grammar and vocabulary errors.


Turnitin is an online-based plagiarism detection app. Unlike other plagiarism detection apps, students cannot access Turnitin plagiarism features unless their teacher uses the app. Turnitin features are targeted at helping teachers conduct a thorough scan of students’ coursework. The app provides a detailed breakdown of plagiarized or duplicated content in an article to encourage students in developing original ideas.


PlagScan is a plagiarism detection app that allows users to compare the originality of a text against other documents on the web. PlagScan also allows users generate a plagiarism report in any desired form, either as a PDF or a web report.

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