Top Parent Tips for World Maths Day

March 14th kicks off a BIG week for mathematicians (of all ages) with the start of World Math Week. Celebrating all things mathematical is certainly something that can (and should) be encouraged at home. After all, maths rocks!

Here are some of our top tips for how we, as parents, can help our kids become confident mathematicians and how we can encourage mathematical inquiry at home:

  1. Number: Children need to have a concrete understanding of number as the basis for pretty much every mathematical concept. Getting kids familiar with using numbers in practical everyday contexts is so important. Earning pocket through chores around the home is a great way to make money very relevant. They could store their chores on the Chore Monster app and earn rewards which could convert to pennies and eventually pounds!
  2. Shapes: Even the youngest children love learning about shapes and their properties and how they fit into our lives. Why not get your child to identify all the shapes that they can see on their way to school or around the house. Can they find and name five different shapes in one journey? Can they see a pattern between names of shapes and their number of sides? Dragon Box Elements (above) is a great app for identifying shapes and could act as a great springboard to start conversation around shape.
  3. Space and Measure: Why not encourage your children to get busy in the kitchen making some yummy treats and practicing weighing, measuring and estimating while creating some delectable delights?! You could bring in fractions too – what fraction of the cookies or cake will they let you eat at the end?! Find some great kid-friendly recipes on the Henri le Worm app.
  4. Oftentimes we as parents have forgotten or are unfamiliar with the mathematical terminology that our children use in school. Give your child a forum to explain some of the terms and concepts to you. Pupils love taking on the role of teacher and being given an opportunity to show how much they know!
  5. Learn together: last but not least, learning together is much more fun (and effective)! Khan Academy is a super app for you to learn some trickier maths topics together with your child. Bonding over maths has got to be a win win, right?!

Have fun with your child during World Math Week from all of us at EAS and check out our 

  Top 5 Maths Apps for World Math Week here!

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