Top Apps Helping a Student to Write Better

Students need to have good writing skills. This is particularly needed if you want to get good grades, express your thoughts, and build a clear career path. But writing is not an easy thing to do. It requires practice and experience to become a competent writer. A good writer must be able to convey his or her intentions clearly and efficiently to all their readers. And, to do this, they must be able to produce write-ups that are completely flawless, that is, free of errors (errors of grammar, punctuation and spelling). Just any form of error. Generally, the way you write, present and organize your thought forms an impression in the mind of your readers. They can stop reading your write up if they find that it is not articulate and descriptive enough. Any error, however insignificant, can also cause your reader to build a negative impression about you. So, to up your game and become a better writer, you can always download any of the following apps to improve your writing. I want you to understand that no one is perfect, even successful writers make use of these apps too.


Evernote is a very good app that can really help you to organize your thoughts and improve your writing. This app allows you to take note and organize your ideas in different ways. It is also a multitasking app. You can do everything with this app; create lists, capture and scan pictures, record, clip web pages, and so on. Evernote offers a storage space of 60 megabytes on its free plan, which is okay if you just need it for writing. But if you also want to add pictures and other graphics files, you may want to upgrade to the paid plan to get more storage space.

Daily Page

Have you been asked by your college professor to write the descriptive essay but don’t know how to start or go about writing it. You are not alone! Every writer experiences writer’s block and sometimes find it quite difficult to start or continue their writing. But to help you with your descriptive essay, you can download the Daily Page app. It provides users with different writing prompts every day via email. It also has a reminder feature that reminds you of your assignments and essays.

Plus, don’t forget to get a sample or an example of a descriptive essays you’re writing. This will also help you to build your writing skills. An example of a descriptive essay is needed if you don’t know how to write one. It will guide and prevent you from making mistakes.


Writing shouldn’t always be about text alone; there must be images you can include to make what you’ve put into the paper, or the workspace of your MS Word, highly descriptive and expressive to your audience. Canva offers you images which you can use as a cover for your blog post and also graphic designs that you can create to promote and market your business. You will find different templates to use for your book cover or in-text pictures. Canva is really an amazing app. Knowing that you have a way to build graphics, is a motivation to always write something and organize your thoughts.


Virtually everyone knows about Grammarly. This software is available for both your PC and smartphone. You can use it to scan your documents for your errors. It also gives suggestions, unique spelling corrections and alternative words that you can input in your write-ups. Just like I said earlier, no one is perfect or above mistakes. Even the best writers make silly mistakes. But with Grammarly, you can correct all the errors you may have in your essay. This app has a free feature which scans for spelling, grammar and context errors. The premium version is advanced and will require you to pay $29.95 monthly, $59.95 quarterly and $139.95 annually, depending on your preference. It is a way better spelling checker to the built-in Microsoft tool. You can install the add-in for your Microsoft Word and/or Chrome browser, and can also download Grammarly Keyboard for your Android device. With Grammarly, proofreading of your essay will be made easier and quicker.


Every writer needs to brainstorm and organize their thoughts before writing. An app like Freemind is very helpful for doing this. It allows you to put all the ideas that you have been finding so difficult to develop well into different types of diagrams. This app is also very easy to use. It’s just like setting and arranging all your thoughts on paper, but way easier and straightforward because you can visualize what you want to write about with this app. For writers who find it difficult to start their essays or articles, this app is a good start.


If you need to create layouts and illustrations, Scribus is a great app. It is free and very much easier to use. It comes with tools similar to those you’ll find on the Adobe InDesign software and is the best option if you need a free app to help you in creating professional layouts for your magazine or business proposals.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Coming up with a topic for your essay can be difficult sometimes. But with the help of this app, you can come up with different examples of the topics that best describe your ideas and thoughts. This writing skill app is better than looking for samples to directly copy your topics from. All you’d just have to do is to input three words into the generator’s bar, and you will get a range of options from which you can pick from.

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