Top Apps for Earning Money in College Without a Part-Time Job

Many college students will reach a point in their studies where the struggle of juggling both an education and a job just doesn’t feel feasible. After all, pouring excess time that could be spent improving your grades into a part-time work environment may pay the bills, but it doesn’t do much for your education. Thankfully we live in a time where several apps exist that can help students with their cash flow without requiring the investment of a full-time job.

Passive income is small, but adds up

No single form of passive income will pay off your student loans, but taking on a combination of passive income apps can supplement your grocery money to a surprising extent. There’s even a variety of methods to seek passive income to avoid putting all of your financial planning into a single source.

For example, Sidejoy and similar apps operate by putting ads on your lock screen. When you unlock your phone, you’re given credit for your swipe and can build up enough credit to cash out through a few gift card or Paypal options. There are tons of apps in this category but don’t sign up for every one you see. Though many are legitimate, it’s not uncommon to find fly-by-night apps that promise eventual payouts only to constantly raise minimum cash-out levels or completely fail to give rewards at all.

There’s even a dedicated Reddit group that rounds up promising apps and reviewing the ones that pay out and the ones that don’t. When in doubt, check communities dedicated to the reliability of the kind of app you’re considering.

No use for your textbooks? Sell them

Whether at the end of the semester or just a few weeks into a class where owning a textbook turned out to be a complete waste of your money, you may find yourself with several pounds of paper you no longer need. Waiting to get rid of your textbooks means accepting a ridiculously low price compared to what you paid as the resale value of a book tanks as quickly as new editions are printed.

Naturally, taking the time to sell textbooks instead of waiting for them to depreciate will give you a bigger return on your dollar and free up room in your living space. Considering the investment it takes to get those books in the first place you’d be wise to get back as much of your money as you can.

Make your education work for you

Turning your degree into a high-paying job is the dream, but taking steps to reach that point might mean jumping into your field of study sooner rather than later. Many fields offer training or experience that can then be turned to the freelance market. By using your coursework as a method of keeping yourself financially solvent, you’ll gain valuable experience in your field without having to step away from your courses.

Those majoring in the arts can either seek out art commissions through popular websites or turn to apps like Foap, an app that allows the upload of photos and videos you take that can then be sold to brands for promotional use. If advertisement and marketing is more your field of expertise, Mobee is tailored towards secret shoppers and experiencing for-pay shopping from the inside might grant valuable insight towards what marketers and brand managers are looking for out in the real world.

When in doubt, gig out

Gig jobs often take more care and attention than passive income but your potential for returns is much higher. Many students turn to ride-sharing platforms or micro-gigs yet they require either a driver’s license and a car or a creative talent and the ability to pitch yourself to clients. To some, that’s not an easy route to take.

If that doesn’t seem your speed there are local small job apps like Task Rabbit offer more flexible jobs that might range from handyman work to helping someone move. Sometimes there’s just not time to make a storefront and sell a clever service. Sometimes you just need enough money to enjoy yourself on the weekend and short gig jobs are great for that purpose.

Working your way through college doesn’t have to take away all of your free time. If you’re smart about selling your textbooks in a timely fashion or putting your education to good use you’ll make it through your time in college with less debt and a healthy amount of life experience to help you on your way.

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