Top 5 App Tips to keep your kids safe on devices

It’s a reality that children, often from quite young ages, are online and on devices – making, learning and exploring – and we as parents need to have their safety front of mind.

There are many great apps that we review here at the that have huge potential to inspire, educate and motivate but screen time needs careful management from informed parents.

The digital world is exciting and opens up huge educational opportunities for children but it can also be a hard place for parents to navigate. Whilst there are many apps that children use that open up opportunities for collaboration and sharing, we as parents need to know how to use and manage their online behaviour and screen time.

It’s important that we know and understand which games and platforms our children are using, and all the features that they can access.

Many applications have sharing and chat features so users can interact with other people as they play. Other have in-app purchases and other sharing features such as tagging.

“Cripes!” You might be thinking. This is why you need to be on-the-ball to be able to avoid unsuitable content and stranger contact.

So what can you do to keep your children safe? Here are our top tips:

1) Password Protected – Make sure all household digital devices and desktops are password protected and don’t share passwords for iTunes or GooglePlay accounts with your children. Family Sharing gives children some freedoms and is a great way to manage family iTunes purchases.

2) Be Informed – about your children’s online habits by checking what they are accessing. Use screen control devices such as SecureTeen (reviewed above) to manage their account and regularly check what they do, where they go and how long they spend there.

3) Identity Protect – Make sure you talk to your children about the importance of protecting their identity and personal information online and why they shouldn’t give this information away to strangers.Internet Matters have great advice on discussing with your children in an age-appropriate way.

4) Setting and Privacy – Use privacy settings and explore parental control features for your household devices. Use restrictions, lock settings and any additional privacy settings related to individual applications. Avoid use of in-app currency and avoid apps with in-app advertising.

5) Best Apps Lists – Check out all the apps your children access and find ones that are age and subject-appropriate. You’ll get lots of inspiration from our top app lists here.

Be safe and secure with your kids at home, and have fun doing so!

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