Top 8 Student Apps for iPad that Will Change the Way You Study

Having a reliable gadget do tedious and repetitive tasks for you seems like a great idea. What can be better than browsing the web while having a cup of coffee at the beginning of a working day?

Need a shopping list? No problem! There are plenty of applications out there that can simplify the boring and time-consuming shopping process. You can even shop online without ever getting out of bed! Don’t worry about your expenses as your gadget will control them, too.

It is hard to imagine what your smart little friend can’t help you with. Apart from all the above applications, there is one more thing that you will certainly enjoy. There are various pieces of software that can make your learning process more productive and enjoyable. No matter what study course you’ve chosen, you will always find a suitable application that will help you arrange, plan, organize, and simplify your educational routine.

Yes, there are some limitations. No application is capable of replacing the human brain today. It is particularly true when it comes to the creative part of the educational process. The most common issues technologies cannot help you tackle include writing essays or coming up with case studies. For example, smart technologies can help you figure out how to write an interview but they are unable to do so without a certain degree of human involvement.

Let’s see what applications can make your student life significantly easier by helping you speed up your learning process. Check out the list of our top 8 applications for your iPad and take your pick.


It is hard to imagine productive education without taking notes. These days you can forget about a pen and a notebook if you have an iPad. Download Evernote and simplify your note-taking by making it more organized and convenient. The app enables you to add checklists, various links, audio files, and attachments to your notes. The free version lets you synchronize two devices, whilst plunking down 35$ a year will provide you with unlimited syncing possibilities.

Istudiez Pro Legend

Having to deal with a complicated curriculum? With Istudiez Pro Legend it is a piece of cake! The app allows you to keep track of your classes, assignments, and grades. Just input all your important dates and it will never let you forget about an upcoming exam or approaching deadline. The application’s calendar can be easily synced with other calendars, such as such as Google Calendar. The mobile version requires a one-time fee of 3$, whilst the desktop version costs 10$.

Cloud Services

As time goes, technologies develop at a high pace. Not so long ago we all had to worry about the safety of data on our memory sticks. Today, you can forget about any such issues. Just log in to your cloud storage from any device and get the data right away. It is as simple as that.

There are various cloud services out there – iiCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive,. etc. Basically, they have a lot of similarities, their only difference is the size of the storage they provide. If you have an iPad, the most obvious thing for you to do would be to use its iCloud technology. You will get seamless syncing and 5 Gb of storage for free. You can also extend this to 200 Gb for as little as 3$ and 1 Tb for $10.

You can also use Google Drive and get 15 Gb for free. By paying $10 dollars, you will get 100 Gb of storage. If this isn’t enough, we recommend purchasing 1 Tb for $10.

PDF Expert

It is almost impossible to imagine a modern gadget without a tool for reading PDF files. PDF Expert is an example of what this tool should be like. Apart from allowing you to read and manage your PDF files, it also enables you to manage other docs and folders, including video and audio files.

The application can help you edit and mark your PDFs. You can scan your papers, import them to the editor, and then mark them with a stylus or an Apple pencil. Not bad, isn’t it?

All of your docs are synchronized with your cloud storage and you can easily access them whenever you want.

Myscript Calculator

If you like writing by hand, then this clever calculator is exactly what you need. Instead of entering formulas with a virtual keyboard you can write them by hand. The app easily recognizes your handwriting, even if you some very complex equations. Plunk down $2 and get a handy math helper that will never let you down.

Scanner Pro

This application will prevent you from constantly searching for a stationary scanner. No matter where you are, you can scan any paper document within minutes. Scanner Pro can synchronize with your iCloud and other Apple devices, thus allowing you to enjoy a paper-free life.

Wolfram Alpha

When it comes to math, there’s no better assistant than Wolfram Alpha. It contains answers to almost any mathematical question you might have. Troubles with formulas? — Fear not! Wolfram Alpha is ready to show you what’s what and where it comes from. The one-time fee is just 3$ and it is definitely worth it.

Dragon Anywhere

Sometimes, our life gets so hectic that we simply have no time to stop and put down our ideas. And that’s when Dragon Anywhere comes in! With its help, you can dictate your ideas and plans without typing them. You can even integrate Dragon Anywhere in Evernote and manage your time the way you want. You shouldn’t necessarily be a journalist to enjoy all the benefits of the app. Those who lead an active lifestyle will definitely appreciate it. The monthly fee is 15$.

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