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In this article, we discuss some of the best writing apps available today. Today, the Internet has opened doors to writers for both novice and expert in making a living out of publishing all sorts of content online. A writing app is a tool, application, or technology that is powered by a powerful AI that assists in improving and enhancing the quality of your writing.

As you know, copywriting and professional authorship are quite in demand niches these days. These require experts to demonstrate extensive creativity and be able to spell out information in a logical order without spending too much time at it. Time is money, and would it not be great if we could save time on this laborious process of editing and formatting.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the most popular and best free writing apps that the industry has to offer to writers today.

1. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a popular application that tops the list of our best free writing apps. It can highlight several pitfalls in writing, such as grammar checking. It can highlight the overuse of words, abstract and vague words, and transitions. It is an online writing coach, style guide and online editor.

Furthermore, it can also check your text readability, clichés, and passive voice. Even though anyone can use it to grammar check and proofread their writing, it’s mainly designed for fiction writers and the like.

You can upload your documents in an online tool and access in-depth writing reports. These can improve your clarity and writing strength. ProWritingAid is available through web browsers on Mac and Windows. But that’s not all because it also supports Google Docs, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and Scrivener. The premium version offers users style and grammar checking scores in real time.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is arguably one of the most talked-about writing apps for macOS and Windows. With Grammarly, your writing becomes flawless and simplified by avoiding small mistakes like including a hyphen, comma, capital letter, etc. Additionally, it includes an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you to write clearly without any mistakes and make use of concise words at the right time.

Grammarly is not only an excellent solution to quickly edit your copy, but it is also an extremely useful educational tool for students, the regular use of which will help you perfect your grammar and writing skills.

If you install its Google Chrome extension, editing becomes incredibly time-efficient, and you can check your grammar on Gmail, LinkedIn, or Google Docs right from the start.

3. Scrivener

Scrivener is the premier book writing app made by writers for writers. Scrivener's 'binder' view allows you to break up your book into chapters and sections and easily reorganize it with drag and drop interface. For starters, it’s an all-in-one writing tool – the app streamlines the entire writing process, from the note-taking to doing research and editing, in addition to the actual writing — that lets you manage everything about what you are trying to write.

If used efficiently, Scrivener can assist you with complex writing, including composing unique studies, course work, Ph.D. dissertations or even writing entire books.

Scrivener has formatting features for publishing (e.g. on Amazon or Barnes & Noble), as well as basic features for distraction-free writing, and has templates for novels, nonfiction books, screenplays, and more.

4. Evernote

Evernote is another top contender among the best writing apps for Windows and MAC, which is used to create notes and capture ideas. From the perspective of a professional writer, this app can come in handy as a storage place for useful links, plans for future articles, capturing receipts and random thoughts to be elaborated later on. In general, you can make good use of Evernote if you need to note down ideas and useful information about your content.

Using Evernote also can help you stay organized so you can juggle and locate multiple writing projects at once. This way you can simplify your workflow and produce a well thought out and structured copy.

5. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a fantastic writing tool. Hemingway App lightens up your work by removing the dead weight from your content by displaying wordy sentences in yellow and more egregious ones in red. It can be used remotely from anywhere without any Internet connection.

It’s fast, clean and simple. Hemingway checks your writing for its understandability and coherence. This app is absolutely useful for journalists and bloggers. However, anybody can make the most out of it. This editor is neat for anyone who wants to have a brief, yet concise writing style. The free online edition has everything you need to experience the power of it.

Hemingway is a great writing app that tightens your English skills and improves your writing.

6. iA Writer

iA Writer is the best writing app for either plain text or Markdown. If you’ve ever found word processor apps to be distracting, give iA Writer a try. Designed to help minimize distractions, the app features a clean, buttonless interface while you’re writing. Writing can be done in either plain text or markdown, allowing you to structure your document without toolbars and ribbons. The iOS app allows you to sync your documents over iCloud, and also supports creating or editing files from other cloud storage services through the Files app.

iA Writer provides an extremely focused writing environment. The buttonless design, hidden title bar, and use of easy-to-read fonts make it great keeping you in the zone while writing. iA Writer is perfect for bloggers and others writing on the go.

7. Microsoft Word

Who hasn’t heard or tried this writing app for Windows in their lifetime? You have to be living under a rock to not have heard of Microsoft Word. Despite new writing apps in the market, Microsoft Word has maintained its place with constant updates and advanced features pertaining to changing times.

An integral part of Microsoft Office, most users have known no other way to write on Windows except Microsoft Word. It is very simple to use, allows users with an exhaustive list of features that include convenient formatting pertaining to font size, style and color, easy alignment of pages, convenient bifurcation of content with headers, footers, page, and section breaks, use many clip arts, word art, and colors to make your work stand out, find and replace and a ton of other features that make it a mandatory tool to have for any writer.

8. FocusWriter

Focuswriter is a distraction-free text-editor with efficient features like an autonomous spell check, focusing function (highlight fragments of text you are currently working on), a selection of visual themes, convenient text navigation, and extensive support for major operating systems. Another key feature of a Focuswriter is its ability to launch the app right from a flash drive, while you can also launch it on your pocket devices without any problems.

Distraction can affect the quality of writing. Facebook can disturb you and make it difficult for you to complete your assignments within your deadline. FocusWriter can help you to meet your writing goals. With a distraction-free and clean processor interface, you can write without any clutter on the computer screen. It can be a great tool to create an exciting draft of an essay. This tool allows you to do in-depth editing. This book writing app looks original and different from most text editors out there which makes it a go-to app for writers.

9. Ulysses

Ulysses is a standard writing app that has so much in common with Scrivener. It is designed to make the formatting of your work easier. It offers several informative tutorials alongside its pragmatic features.

It uses the ‘Markdown’ approach in the formatting of content, thus helping writers maintain the flow of their prose while writing. It offers all of the standard features you’ve come to expect from tools like this to organize your written content effectively. The one thing that might bother users of this tool is its reluctance to appear outline friendly to its writers.

10. Canva

Canva is a great editor to help you make your process of editing and formatting time-efficient. Writers don't have to have to worry about the word processing document or words to put on the page. Users can select from drag-and-drop templates to create beautiful images. The myriad of templates of business cards, banners, advertising forms, and logos available at Canva lets you present your copy in whichever form you wish, with an accessible user interface that is easy to use.

Canva is an amazing alternative for students and professionals to create high-quality infographics. Although the service is not free, it certainly is worth its cost. It is worth paying a few bucks for an advanced and efficient tool like Canva once, then hiring an expensive graphic designer.

FAQs For Best Writing Apps

1. Why do you need a writing app?

Inadvertently, if you are tech-savvy human meddling with a laptop and mobile devices, then it is sure that you are using a writing app. It can be in the form of Microsoft Word, Docs, or simply an android keyboard. As to the question – why you need a writing app? It depends on your need.

You might need a writing app to improve your grammar, you might need them to perform spelling checks, or you might need it to make your written prose appear more stylistically appealing to your readers.

2. Can writing apps result in perfect writing?

Most writing apps operate on AI for grammar and spell checks, in collaboration with the writer’s overall writing skills and command over a certain language. So if you are an amateur writer with no command over basic grammar and sentence structure, then an app won’t yield the results you are looking for.

These apps are specifically designed for professional writers to improve the quality of their content.

3. What are some of the best free writing apps in the market?

Many writing apps like Google Docs, Microsoft Word are already free and used widely around the world. Other tools like Grammarly offer its users with the free version of their tool to perform basic grammar checks.

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