Tips to Make an Essay Longer

You must meet a certain word count or page count for essays. If you get a topic with good writing scope, then congratulations! You don’t have to worry about your paper length. But if you’re out of luck, then making your content longer can be a pain. 

Many students change font size and style. Others opt for essay writing help online from service to increase their content length. Both options aren’t ideal. In most cases, you can’t adjust the font size and style because of requirements. After all, using Rockwell Extra Bold at 72pt is not ideal for academic essays.  

Similarly, you can’t rely on service at every turn. Getting essay writing help online for a paper from scratch is okay. But when you hire someone to expand your writing, the result might not be good. So, your only option is to expand your writing SMARTLY. Want to find out some amazing tips to achieve this goal? Scroll down for more details.

7 Tips to Expand Your Essay Like a Pro

When you want to expand your essay, make sure you don't include irrelevant information. This will affect the overall quality of your writing. Your essay must be smooth. Any extra information you provide should improve the content. Read the following tips to achieve this without getting essay writing help online.

1. Review the prompt

Before proceeding to any step, check your prompt. Read it multiple times. Have you included everything you could on the topic? Sometimes, you might opt out of certain points when worried about the length. But after completing the paper, you notice you haven’t met the required word count. In such cases, review the topic again. If needed, go through your resources. 

There's a high chance you might have left out some relevant information. Read your paper from the reader's perspective. Do some sections require a more in-depth explanation? If your answer is yes, then rewrite those sections. Go through relevant blogs, books, and academic resources and gather more details. Incorporate them where you see fit in your paper. 

If you need help with research, don’t hesitate to hire essay writing help online. Hiring experts to increase your paper length isn't a good idea. But you can always rely on them for resources. These professionals have access to various academic journals and archives that require premium subscriptions. They can help you with research. This way, you can find more content to add to your writing.

2. Check the essay outline

Essay outlines can change as you write your paper. If the current outline doesn’t cover all points, tweak it a bit. But remember to maintain a smooth transition throughout the paper. Read through your paper multiple times when reviewing the outline. Did you include every point that you had initially intended? It’s natural to stray away from the outline sometimes. But if you can add more information, feel free to change the outline again.

Many websites that provide essay writing help online provide sample solutions. If you need outline inspirations, check out those samples. Since the essays cover many topics, you might find something similar to yours. Read them from top to bottom. Has the writer included points that you missed out on? If you come across something like this, add it to your paper. 

3. Add relevant quotations

Adding quotations is a great way to increase your essay length and quality. This also makes your essay look reliable. If you haven’t added any quotes, get right to it. But if you have used 1-2 quotes in your essay already, don't overdo it. First, figure out if there is any scope for quote addition. If there is, make sure you include the words of renowned people. This means you can't write what an expert providing essay writing help online might have said. 

The quotes must also be relevant to the content. They should strengthen your argument. So, go through your research materials to find what other experts have said. If push comes to shove, use longer quotes to increase the length naturally. But do this only if you find something that adds value to your essay. Otherwise, all the time you spend on research will be in vain.

4. Increase the number of examples

Add more examples to strengthen your argument. If you wrote one example each for every point, include a few more. Such a demonstration will make your paper more reader-friendly. More examples make it easier for the reader to understand what you’re trying to say. But avoid going overboard. Too much of anything isn’t good. 

The examples you use should be relevant to the point. Suppose your essay is about the harmful effect of UV rays. Now an example of the Sun's revolution doesn't make any sense for this topic. But you can highlight the increasing cases of skin cancer due to UV rays. 

5. Change your introduction & conclusion

If you write your essay introduction before the main content, read through them again. The introductory paragraph gives the readers an idea of what they can expect in the paper. But the main body might not be relevant to the introduction. This happens when you change your initial idea. The introduction you wrote first was according to your initial outline. But as you write, the body might not be the same as you initially planned. 

You might include more points. Or, you might modify the content to add more complex ideas. In that case, your initial introduction won't cover all the points. So, you have the perfect opportunity to modify your essay intro. 

Similarly, your conclusion should highlight the main points of your writing. But that’s not where it ends. You don’t want to leave your readers hanging, do you? In that case, provide a solution at the end. Want to learn more about good introductions and conclusions? Read papers written by experts providing essay writing help online. 

6. Improve your transitions

A good essay reads as smooth as butter. There should not be an instant where the writing feels too jarring for the reader. When including multiple points, ensure that each flows smoothly and logically into the other. This is easier to achieve with transitional sentences. Check out these examples to see how experts providing essay writing help online use transitions.


Many young women have started joining professional workspaces once restricted to men. [End of one paragraph]

Rural areas have not developed. [Beginning of another paragraph]

The sentences don’t have a good flow. When you read them, it’s hard to connect the ideas to each other. So, how can you improve these sentences? By using a transitional phrase or sentence, of course! Here’s how you can modify the content.

 Many young women have started joining professional workspaces once restricted to men. [End of one paragraph]

On the other hand, women still face discrimination in rural areas that have not developed yet. [Beginning of another paragraph]

The transition makes the flow smoother. But that’s not all! You can see how the word count increases too. So, go through your essay and identify sections where you can add more transitions. 

7. Ask someone to proofread your essay

It’s hard to find sections to increase essay length when you read it many times. That’s why it’s better to ask for help from someone else. When someone else reads the paper, you can detect which sections require more information. If a point seems lacking, add more details to it. Additionally, you become aware of grammatical errors and poor transitions. 

Increasing the length of a paper without hiring essay writing help online might seem impossible. But it's not as hard as you think. For starters, avoid increasing font style, size, and spacing. Instead, search for more relevant content to add to your essay. It is also a good idea to include more examples and transitional sentences. Try out these suggestions, and good luck with your essay!

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