Tips To Pass The IT Certification Microsoft Azure 70-532 Exam For Cloud Professionals

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that was developed by Microsoft. It was made as a global network to create and manage applications on the platform through the building, testing and deploying information technology aids. IT professionals working with Azure need expert knowledge and guidance on the working of the software to derive the best use of it. Thus Microsoft started with its MCSA: Cloud Platform certification to provide for knowledge, testing, and certification of the program so as to make Microsoft Azure a credential platform.

It is not easy to get Microsoft MCSA: Cloud Platform certification and even not easy to pass its related exam such as 70-532, 533, 535 and 537. If you have planned to get MCSA: Cloud Platform certification, then you need to pass any of these two exam which will help you to get better career.

With dedication and knowledge into the codes of the software, a candidate needs thorough knowledge on the subject. Here are some questions you would like the answers to and a little guidance from some experts to know before you sign up for the certification!

What Skills Does Microsoft MCSA: Cloud Platform Certification Require?

Microsoft Azure is a platform for developing and testing of programs made on the platform. There are several skills that are tested with Microsoft 70-532 exam to grant someone the designation of being a professional administers of the skills. Here is a thorough review of the skills that Microsoft 70-532 exam needs to check!

  1. Creation and management of Azure programs

This refers to two fields related to the creation and management on Azure, i.e., Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and Virtual Machines (VMs). The focus is on the configuration of the ARM and VM networking, PowerShell state configuration, running of workload on Microsoft and testing of tools with different commands. This section carries about 35% weight and requires one to be good at Monitoring ARM and VMs, Designing and implementation of storage and management of ARM availability.

  1. Data Strategy

This section carries 30 percent important in the schedule and tests on the skills like storage of data, reading and interpretation of data, implementation of Azure store blobs and files therein, scale tables, CRUD, etc.

  1. Management of identity, applications and network storage on Azure

This sections deals with the Azure design and implement strategy, app development, managing data solutions, development of the connection between popular platforms and designed applications, etc. The weight on the subject is 20%.

  1. PaaS computation and web services

Taking the share of 20% in the syllabus this subject is important for practical working on Microsoft Azure. The focus is on creating Azure functions, implementation, and management of working of Azure functions, API configuration, portal development, servicing of the apps and management of client codes.

All of the skills are tested through programs and questions and requires a greater understanding of the skills with enough practical knowledge. Hence there are practical training imparted to the candidates choosing to appear for the exam!

Who Can Apply for Microsoft MCSA: Cloud Platform Certification?

People who regularly work with Microsoft Azure and want to take it to the next level can surely look for appearing for Microsoft MCSA: Cloud Platform certification. The preparation would lead to better understanding, and the certification will mark as excellence on this front for a brighter future. Eligibility for the candidates isn’t much of the criteria provided that you are from an IT background with sufficient Microsoft knowledge.

Experts in designing, implementing and programming of Microsoft Azure Solutions can take up the course. Even the candidates who are proficient with the developing tools, the build-up of scalable solutions on the platform and working on the techniques can take up the certification.

Exam Details for Microsoft 70-532

In order to get MCSA: Cloud Platform certification one needs to be undertaken which is named as Microsoft 70-532 exam and any one of remaining three as 70-533, 535 and 537. This 70-532120-minutes exam is a multiple answering choice questionnaire with no prerequisites. The exam requires a preparation time of almost more than six months with practical knowledge of working with Microsoft Azure program.

Registration for the exam is made on Microsoft official website with an online platform to make the payment and update the progress. The exam is help online too with results which are declared later. The certificate though is awarded to people both on Microsoft platform and as a physical copy!

What Should One Keep in Mind to Pass the Exam?

Examsnap Microsoft exams aren’t easy for people to crack. Microsoft has kept the standards of education high to find only excellent professionals and representatives who shall be experts in their field when they are certified by Microsoft for the same.

Experts who have cleared the exam have noted down some points to remember and prepare for the exams in a better way.

Practice Microsoft Azure

As the exam is related to the program developed by Microsoft, only having theoretical knowledge is not enough. People need to be constantly aware of the program and in touch with it to understand the working of it completely. As a result, the focus should be more on working with the Azure solutions and learning it while doing it. People who have already worked on Azure solutions prove to be scoring better at exams.

Take Practical Training

If you are someone who has never had an experience of using Microsoft Azure solutions but need Microsoft MCSA: Cloud Platform certification – the route is the practical training. Made as a compulsory part of the course, practical training makes you understand the working of the program better and get acquainted with its code. More practical knowledge means you shall be able to know the answers well.

Refer More Books

Studying the course through one material is not sufficient. Refer to at least two books for each subject to give it thorough learning. This enhances the knowledge and provides credibility.

Take the Tests

There is no alternative to this. Try to take as many mock tests as possible before the exam to grasp the subjects better. Microsoft MCSA 70-532 Exam Dumps prepare you for the final exams! So, to get the test material and more important things which helps you to pass Microsoft 70-532 you can go to PrepAway.

Microsoft MCSA: Cloud Platform certification is a highly acquainted certification program by Microsoft. It refines the knowledge on Microsoft Azure solutions and makes the candidate a certified professional for handling works related to Azure solutions! Finally, we are wishing you a great luck for exam 70-532 and hope you will get MCSA: Cloud Platform certification very soon.

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