A timeline of the best History apps

It may sound like a bit of a dichotomy, but apps are the prefect medium by which to bring history to life. Through visual elements and interactive features, children can get a great sense of historical events as well as people and places of the past, through digital devices.

Here at the Educational App Store, we are continually impressed by the range and quality of history  apps. Here are our top tips for bringing history to life with your child, brought to you as a timeline with a digital twist!

  1. We’re starting our timeline to digital history with a great prehistoric app, DinoWalk. Millions of years ago the Earth looked quite different from how it does today. This app is a stunning visualisation of a billion-year-long change happening in less than a minute. It will also show you who inhabited the planet in respective time periods and tell you all about them. This is an app that is suitable for all ages and it holds a breadth of information that is eye-opening, informative and engaging.
  2. Next in our timeline is the ancient and mysterious civilisation of the Mayans. Children are always fascinated when learning about this ancient people who were ahead of their time in so many ways. Mayan Mysteries is a super app to bring this civilisation to life through gameplay and interactions.
  3. Third is Kings and Queens which offers a potted 1000 years of British Royal History. There are some fantastic apps that have a wealth of historical information and this is one of the very best, running like a spine through the history of Great Britain. This app leads its users through the stories of these kings and queens as the reader looks upon their faces staring out from the portraits of the Royal Collection Trust.
  4. Fourth in our timeline is Auschwitz, a Tale of Wind which deals with a difficult historical period in a very in a sensitive and appropriate way. Through a beautifully illustrated story, it addresses one of the most difficult topics within the subject – the holocaust.  It isn’t a fact book nor a true story, but it weaves the tale of two children who are forced along with their father to go to Auschwitz.
  5. Last but not least is an app which spans pre-history up to the 20th century moon landings: World History For Kids is a great overview of history for kids (and adults!) of all ages. With animations, interactions, maps and timelines it’s a must have for any budding historian!

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