EAS Certification: Determining what makes a good educational app

There are over 100,000 educational apps available in the stores. A lot of them overlap and are in similar subjects therefore,  it is important to be able to identify what makes a good educational app.

We created the EAS Certification in order to benchmark the apps against a set of pedagogical criteria and academic research.

The 10 main things to look for in the best educational apps: 

  • A strong association with learning outcomes (whether curriculum or non-curriculum based).
  • Interactivity with the learner via correction and feedback on any questions that are set.
  • An ease of use of the app so that the learner does not need any guidance and teach one’s self if necessary.
  • A variety of levels in the app so that learners can progress and different levels of learning within the same age-group can be taken into account.
  • The ability to collaborate on work with others and co-create.
  • The impetus to motivate learners to go  beyond the apps and find more information on the subject at hand.
  • The impetus to engage learners and hold their attention to fulfil learning objectives.
  • Clear pricing, no in-app purchases and privacy controls.
  • Good quality, design and sound features.
  • Content without errors in subject matter and/or spelling.

This list is by no means exhaustive but it the minimum that is expected so that learners world-wide may have the opportunity to harness the potential of mobile learning.


How we look for the best apps:

  • Developers submit their apps for review.
  • Our community of teachers review and rate the app using our pedagogical EAS Certification
  • The EAS Certification produces a final score out of five stars.
  • Only apps that receive a score of 5 achieve EAS Recommended status.
  • You are safe in the knowledge that the apps further educational attainment.