Join the Mobile Learning Anytime, Anywhere Movement – Download this Top Flashcard App.


Imagine studying on the beach with your phone or tablet… ahhhh.

Studying on the go has never been easier. The GFlashPro is the most downloaded app for iPhone and iPad. It definitely goes to show that when students are on the bus, train or simply have a moment to kill, studying can be a popular choice! (Watch out Angry Birds).

You can use the ready-made content for your subject area based on premium publishers’ content which you can also change to suit your own particular needs and style. The participating publishers include McGraw-Hill, Kaplan, Wiley Publishing, and Barron’s, among others.

We found that it was very easy to use the app as it has a simple design and looks like your everyday flash-card format. If you are revising for School, College or University and want to have ready-made content with the possibility of making your own changes, this is the app for you.

GWhizz have also provided us with a series of promo codes so that you can have this app for free. Download here! We will send you the promo code to your phone via email.



• Fully functional card editor – create and edit your own card sets, right from within the app

• No limits on the number of cards or card sets • Fast Google Docs integration – create your cards in a Google Spreadsheet and then just download into the app

• Ability to download from and share card sets with the gWhiz Catalog • Support for multiple choice questions • Ability to include zoomable images and audio/video clips

• 5 star performance scoring – track your improvement!

• Convenient onscreen controls for sorting and screen layout

• Multisided cards with up to nine card “sides” easily added thru the Google Docs interface

• Reverse Q&A • High quality iPad interface • Complementary content from select publishers

• Access to over 50 million 3rd party card set sources from Quizlet and StudyStack

• Delete, “forget”, and move cards in the deck

• Autoshuffle (card scrambling) control

• Create groups of card decks and move decks between groups

• Combine or split decks

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