Teen Facebook Exodus – Victim Of Its Own Success?

At the end of last year Facebook admitted a drop in daily users, specifically among teens. Teenagers are still on Facebook they just choose to communicate differently, instantly, using instant smartphone messaging, real time chat; apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat and KakaoTalk.

Teens are the compass point that direct adults to the ‘next big thing’

The problem is that Facebook is now more popular with the older generation and so kids are now finding different ways to communicate and we need to keep up.

All the fun is now happening elsewhere. On their mobiles. Mobile operators are estimated to have lost $23bn in SMS revenue in 2012 due to messaging apps, which host free instant messages through a phone’s data connection, which nowadays tends to be unlimited. So these apps have now become a threat to established social networking sites.

Source: The Observer 10.11.13

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that Facebook bought WhatsApp for an estimated $16-19 million in March 2014.

Watch out for the next big thing on your child’s mobile coming soon…



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