Why Do Some Students Fail to Reach the Top?

Do you find it hard to concentrate when you study?

It’s a common issue, and it keeps most students from reaching the top. The situation gets worse as the students believe they are incapable of reaching the top. Most students have this mindset, and following we are going to discuss it with its cure!

Possible Reasons

There are three reasons why some people don’t excel in their education; these reasons are:

  • They are incapable of completing the required work
  • They don’t want to reach the top
  • They believe structural impediments are keeping them from reaching the top

These three reasons are why some people fail to make it to the top. Anyone of these reasons is enough to keep people from finding success. Everyone has some explanation for their issues. But there are good reasons to believe you will get better if you try to change. Some people need good leadership to drive the change.

Difference in Mindset

To understand these people, you have to see where they live. You need to understand their situation and their bringing up before asking whether they are capable or not. Most people overlook this!

It is said that some people are inherently less capable of succeeding in some subjects, like science or mathematics. It sparked a debate about whether there is a variation in cognitive abilities among these people. Another assertion was made saying teachers should find cognitive differences by groups.

A Matter of Interest

Like we said before, some people are just not interested in getting to the top.  Interestingly, interested people don’t always make it to the top, but they don’t give up. Instead, these people continue to struggle until they find what they want. This begs the question, do some students don’t want to get to the top. Is it true some students settle at mediocracy at a young age?

People on their way to leadership position emphasize a different approach to success. Some people are better at collaboration than others, but collaborative behavior can show signs of indecisiveness.

Several studies are conducted on this matter, and some conclude with the fact that there is a larger group of people who lack the ambition to get to the top. They also conclude that people’s approach to the workplace is mediocrity at best, especially when judged against their successful peers.

Not Accepting Help

Some people don’t accept help even they realize they need it. Some students need more attention than others. But they are afraid to admit it. Fortunately, there is help available everywhere, in your school and home.

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Can we Fix it?

For some students, they believe some structural barriers keep them from getting to the top. These barriers can be anything from discrimination to grudges, etc. it’s possible there are some structural impediments for some of them as teachers can judge students based on different criteria.

Not every student is expected to perform the same. In some cases, students are rewarded differently, even if they accomplish the same thing.  Everything presents a challenge. But the first step to improve is to see the problem and realize it won’t fix itself. A student can ask the following questions

  • Am I less capable of getting to the top?
  • Do I want to get to the top?
  • Does something get in my way?

The question should be answered with anecdotes; there is some extensive research from many domains which address this question.  You need to perform your research and find how it applies to where you work. You have to be honest with your answers. It will make things easy for you.

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