What is a Social Network?

We hear this term banded about the place but in case you are wondering what it means and you are too ‘shy’ to ask your children then here’s some useful information from the NSPCC – a quick guide to social networking:

Social networking is the way people interact with each other online using websites, apps and games. It’s a way of sharing things like photos. Children become more attracted to social networking when they move to Secondary school as they become more independent and want to become part of the social network of their new school, whether online or in person.

• Photos and images
• Message each other
• Message to a group of people (some may well be strangers)
• Chat with people using video
• Make voice calls
• Share content
• Meet new people and chat to strangers
• Play games

Most young people LOVE to social network because they can express themselves and socialise.

Keep an eye on your social networker.


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