Social Media Etiquette – setting up a child’s account

Welcome to the fourth in a Social Networking information series.
I set up an email account for my daughter recently and then, prompted by the fact that I am always advising parents and children about social media etiquette, thought I’d better be a responsible parent and had the idea of emailing her this…..

Hello Louise

I hope I am the first to email you!

Here are some tips to keep you safe:

• Remember 80-90% of the emails you will receive will be junk from strangers.
• Never open attachments from strangers.
• Never believe that you have won a competition – these are emails sent to trick you.
• Delete all emails from strangers.
• Tell me or Dad about anything you receive that worries you or you think is bad.
• Writing in capital letters is perceived as SHOUTING!
• Always communicate with people in the way you would if you were talking face to face.
• Chek yor spelin befr yoo sendd emals.

Love you
Mum xxx

I thought she’d yawn and say “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” But she really liked it and started talking to me about emailing. A week or so later I recounted the story to a good friend who said. “That’s a good idea, can you send me a copy?”

So that got me thinking about sharing it with all of the parents and carers I work with. Then I thought that you might like a copy to amend and use with your children….


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