Review of the iFOREX Platform and Educational Software

iFOREX offers traders two innovative platforms, that provides constantly updated financial news and 24-hour technical support. Clients of iFOREX are therefore able to trade whenever they choose, around the globe receiving instant professional support when needed. iFOREX has distinguished itself with tight spreads, real-time market prices via a direct link into the interbank market, and a robust margin policy. In addition, the company offers a robust educational portal, negative balance protection and a full margin usage policy. The educational information sets iFOREX apart as it provides investors will several comprehensive tutorials and videos. This is one of the best ways to learn online trading.

iFOREX Educational Portal

The iFOREX educational portal helps both novice and advanced traders. The company uses several modes to relay information including videos, articles and 1-1 training. If you are a novice, the video library will cover all the basics. This will not only help you become acclimated to their platform; it will also help you get a good understanding of the nomenclature that is used when trading.

Video Information

iFOREX offers several videos that help describe different investment related topics. Video’s cover concepts such as how to handle your emotions when trading as well as “what are short and long positions”. These videos also describe risk and how to handle it as well as “trading as an artform”.

Online Tutorial

To start you can browser through the A-Z of trading which will provide you with an online tutorial which describes how to make trading decisions. This is a comprehensive video course that caters to traders of all levels, regardless of their previous trading experience.  You will learn the basic as well as advanced concepts that are related to the forex market. The course will also provide you with information including exploring unique trading tools and techniques. Each video is different helping you to improve your forex trading strategy.

Educational E-books

There is a vast amount of information related to the investment world. One of the best ways to reference this information is through the iFOREX e-books. Tese education guides provide traders with the relevant information that can be used to start trading forex and CFDs online. Each unique learning guide is geared to traders at every experience level. The guides focus on common mistakes that are made by traders as well as learning the lingo and how to improve your trading methods using moving averages.

Trading Resources

iFOREX offers clients a wide range of trading resources and a glossary of information. This is a comprehensive guide and focuses on practical information. Frequently asked questions such as “what is a stop loss” and “what is leverage” are explained in this section. This area also covers topics ranging from “what is risk management” to an “introduction to candlesticks”.

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