Random Fact of the Week #1 Can Zebras be Domesticated?

At the EAS we have discovered that you can train zebras :

Yes, they can be a bit volatile. However, if they are trained from very young, they can even be taught to show jump!

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What would Earth be like if dinosaurs had never disappeared? Would humans be around? Find out all this and more in Dinopedia. The app includes the most comprehensive list of all the dinosaurs that ever existed. Each in-depth dinosaur entry gets a full-page painting and explains the mysteries of the extinction!



You & Your Puppy is a cute little app from the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. If you have a new puppy in the family, the app showcases all the information you need for training and socialising him/her.



The National Geographic World Atlas contains the most breath-taking and detailed pictures of Earth and all the countries and oceans in it. You can spin, pan and zoom in  on the world with an interactive 3D globe that lets you conduct your own little travel adventure.



Brain Quest takes kids on an immersive learning journey alongside the loveable characters of Casey, Jake and Gizmo. The aim is to travel around the World and Space and solve puzzles against the clock!

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