Random Fact #3 How about having your 30th birthday party at 6,805m altitude?

According to The Guinness World Records the greatest altitude at which a formal meal has been held is 6,805m (22,326 ft.), on Lhakpa Ri, Tibet on 3rd of May 2004.

The expedition team named “Henry Shelford’s 30th birthday party” were set to dine on the summit of the 7,054 m (23,113 ft) mountain but hurricanes forced them to descend to a more sheltered spot. The team carried the tables, chairs and silver cutlery as part of the expedition and dined on a feast of caviar as a starter, duck for main course, chocolate bombe for dessert, cheese and wine, followed by birthday cake to finish.

The expedition has raised over £30,000 for the British Lung Foundation. Sarcoidosis is a lung disease that the team leader, Henry Shelford, suffered from. He has been fortunate in that it gave him only minor scarring in his lungs and the fact his health has been fully restored has provided the catalyst for this expedition.

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