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The Cisco 100-105 exam is designed for those specialists who try to improve their knowledge in the field of network fundamentals, LAN switching and routing technologies, and infrastructure maintenance and services. This test is also called ICND1.

According to the Cisco official website, the 100-105 ICND1 certification exam covers the following topics:

  • LAN Switching Fundamentals. This one evaluates your skills in VLANs spanning multiple switches, configuring and verifying inter-switch connectivity, as well as port security. Besides, it relates to Ethernet. The topic usually makes up 15 questions.
  • Routing Fundamentals. This one will demonstrate whether you know how to analyze the routing, configure and verify RIPv2 for IPv4, as well as IPv6 and IPv4 static/inter-VLAN routing. It also checks your skills in interpreting the parts of routing table and comparing dynamic and static routing. This topic usually contributes 14 questions to the test.
  • Network Fundamentals. It covers 11 questions in the exam. This topic is about TCP/IP and OSI models, TCP and UDP protocols, three-tier and collapsed core architectures, etc. Besides, it evaluates your knowledge about IPv6 addressing.
  • Infrastructure Services.It makes up 8 out of 55 questions. It demonstrates the competence in verifying and configuring inside sourceIPv4 and NAT, as well as troubleshooting router- and client-based DHCP connectivity. Your knowledge about gateway options, TFTP, and DNS will be tested as well.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance. This one contributes 7 questions to the test. This topic evaluates your ability of utilizing Cisco IOS to troubleshoot and resolve problems. It comprises device managing, initial device configuration, and device maintenance.

To have a look at the whole list of exam topics, please, follow the links:

It is evident that there are a variety of subjects you need to learn to be ready for the test. It is necessary to practice much and work hard as the exam is not easy to pass. However, if you manage to do this, you will obtain a valuable credential that may promote your career. Nevertheless, it is important to notice that ICDN2 (200-105) is much more difficult than ICND1 (100-105). They are considered the most challenging programs.

There will be 90 minutes to answer 45-55 questions. Cisco does not state how many questions must be correct for passing the exam, but usually it takes more than 90% of correct answers to succeed. However, Cisco has a right to change the passing score policy at each test, so do not be surprised if it is increased to more than 95%. You should be aware of the requirements at the start of the test as the passing score is usually stated in advance. For instance, the passing score for the 100-105 exam that was held on September 15, 2017, was 832 points out of 871 (which is 95.5%).

Note that the Cisco 100-105 exam is intended for professionals. It is recommended for the candidates with at least one-year experience.

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Some tips for being confident during taking Cisco 100-105 exam

  • It is strongly advised not to leave a question to review it later. Do not miss questions, because there will be no chance to return to them again. Therefore, try to answer them immediately.
  • The test is finished straight after the question that is the last one. It means that when you click for the next one, you will complete your exam. It is not asked whether you need to return to your answers. So, be focused, analyze questions carefully to answer them correctly. If you feel that you have answered right, you can go on further.
  • There will be enough time to finish the exam. There is no necessity to hurry. It is unlikely that you will get additional points attempting to complete the test quickly.
  • Before paying for the test, check out the topics and identify your knowledge gaps. After that, concentrate on getting knowledge and skills required.
  • Time for preparing depends on your previous experience. You will possibly need from 3 to 6 months, learning almost 3 hours a day.

Cisco does not state how much the exam costs, but in 2016, the students paid for taking the test and for training materials. So be prepared to pay a couple hundred if you decide to receive the CCENT certification. However, in our opinion, this is a small price for such a valuable certificate.

How can you prepare for Cisco 100-105 Exam?

There are a lot of study resources, such as instructor-led trainings, eBooks, training videos, Q&A books, etc. The Cisco website offers a variety of trainings that are strongly recommended. An available course will allow you to comprehend many topics, such as the impact of infrastructure components in an enterprise network, device maintenance and core routing.

Try to use many different preparation tools to broaden your knowledge areas. According to statistic data, the more study resources you use, the more chances you have to achieve excellent results in the exam.

Why is it worth trying to pass Cisco 100-105 exam?

What is your opinion? Our conclusion is that it is undoubtedly worth it. The reasons are that the certificate can be essential to computer systems and network administrators with a salary around a year. It was in 2017 as Bureau of Labor Statistics states. The Cisco credential promises career growth and promotion as well as it can be also decisive for getting higher salary. We talk about a well-known and respectable company, and earning the Cisco certificate can be very significant while being interviewed for a new appointment.

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