The Most Popular Tools for Students In 2020

If you’ve ever wondered whether there are some cool tools out there that keep your grades up and potential unchanged, welcome to the right page; we say that yes, there are. The most popular student tools for 2020 come in handy when you must deal with your usual student problems or simply require some extra help with your homework. Increasing your productivity comes with effort and patience, so make sure that you engage in those behaviours before starting up this process. Then, use these tools smartly to develop a prolific workflow.

For Your Notes

Evernote. This is one of the most used platforms for keeping notes, especially popular among students. That is because Evernote allows you to store your notes online and get back to them later, whenever you need to, from whichever computer you have access to. It is also a great way to keep all of your notes organized into one place and backed up in case your laptop fails you.

Google Keep. Another one of the most valuable tools for learning, Google Keep will make procrastination harder for you by keeping you aware of your daily schedule.

Connected Mind. If you are one of the visuospatial learners, you might want to try out mind mapping, as it can be quite useful to keep you on track of your schoolwork. This is mostly for people who think outside of the box, are not quite linear, and are super-creative. The coolest thing about it is that it doesn’t set any limits.

To Prioritize

Prioritab. If you’re not entirely sure what to get started on first and how to coordinate your schedule, this tool might probably be one of the most beneficial for you. It will keep you far from procrastination and close to your maximized potential, which is nothing but exciting.

OneTab. Working on a paper with thousands of tabs open might actually be less productive than you think, which is where OneTab comes into place. This plugin will save your open tabs in a single list so that your device can run at full speed while checking each opened source individually. Isn’t this just great?

Create a priority matrix. Think about the most important tasks in your life right now, what do you need to complete ASAP? Write them down on the right corner of your white sheet of paper. Then check if there are any possible “fires” or problems that might prevent you from finishing up on time. Now write these responses on the left side of the page. Below this column of “fires,” write down the activities you could delegate and then of the left side of the page (right below “priorities”) write down any ideas or low priority items. Now check again and start working with your matrix.


For Your Tasks

Wunderlist. This is one of the top tools for students who need to be more organized when working on their assignments and even for writers from When you are working on a group project, or if you’re simply in need of a break and thinking, can someone write my research paper for me, this app might come in super handy.

Workflow. This will help you organize your brain and collaborate with other students on important projects. You can also use this tool to take notes, write your papers, write down your thoughts, or simply tracking your daily fitness progress. You can also organize your assignments for class and check the tasks that you must finish. Do not forget to include your deadlines for an even more specific schedule tracker.

Quizlet. Another one of the most popular tools for students, Quizlet has a simple interface and is, overall, a really cool platform. Use it to create boards and cards and study however it fits you. I promise it will make your job so much easier!

For Relaxing

To relax and enjoy life, students must take some time off every now and then and focus on themselves. College is not only about studying or preparing for the job market it should also be a space for relaxation and having fun! In the meantime, you might even release some stress, hah!

Headspace. A popular tool for meditation beginners, this app teaches you a 10-minute meditation sequence each day, and thus, helps students develop mindfulness.

Calm. Another meditation and relaxation app, Calm offers you a free seven-day meditation program to get you started.

Pacifica. An app developed by psychologists, Pacifica is based on CBT or Cognitive Based Therapy and helps students deal with their emotions and past suffering. It features many methods of releasing stress and thus, helps you stay more connected to yourself!

The above platforms and apps might be useful for you – or not. In any case, you wouldn’t be able to find that out until you try them out for yourself. Make sure you spend time and effort caring about your own self and loving yourself – because if you don’t, then who else will? Have fun and stay connected! Good luck.

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