40% of parents learn how to use technology from their children

We at the Educational App Store have put together our three top tipsto ensure your Childs safe online & on mobile.

1. Add ‘Safe Search’ to Google and Lock changes

Change the filter on the main Google search engine to the highest level, and turn on the ‘safe search’ settings to filter explicit content from your results, then lock the settings by signing into your Google account. This is not a 100% guarantee to protection but a fairly good starting point.

2. Teach them safe online behaviour

Sites like Internet Safety101.org are a good place to find out how you  can show your child good online practices.
They note that parents who talk to their children about internet safety have safer online behaviour. The site aims to give parents information about how to spot the danger signs and enforce safe internet use.

3. Third party child browser solutions for iOS and Android devices

Mobi Browser
Mobicip Safe Browser With Parental Control
iOS & Android

This safe browser has won many awards (as chosen by schools and parents) as well as being highly commended in the press.


  • YouTube Filter based on the title, description or keywords
  • Build your own filters
  • Custom filtering for multi users
  • Filter by custom words and key phrases
  • Block and allow categories
  • Block or allow individual sites
  • Set time limits
  • Monitor Browsing history remotely
  • Set to 3 defined filtering levels or no Filtering
  • Enforces strict safe search on all popular search engines in case of accidental or inappropriate search results
  • There is the ability also to monitor the apps your kids use, the searches they conduct, the social sites they visit, and the people they hang out with online.


iOS & Android

Another good all round solution adding parental controls, multi-device monitoring to their safe browser.

Safe search features:

  • Eliminate search results that lead to websites with mature or adult-themed content
  • Dynamic content inspection blocks new sites that may not be on blacklists.
  • Blocks the content in the site as well as the landing pages (front pages).

Other features:

  • Monitor multiple children and set different rules for each child.
  • The online child usage dashboard condenses each child’s Internet activities into easy-to-scan charts and graphs.
  • See how long your children have been on each activity. i.e. surfing the web, social media, apps etc.
  • Set time limits for online use by day and time.

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