Our Experience of the T4S 1:1 Tablets in Practice Conference


On the 16th October we attended Tablets 4 Schools first regional workshop at Chiswick School. We represented part of the educational tech industry and aimed to address queries posed by the delegates at the start of the day, focusing on the question: ‘We have the tablets… now what do we do with them?’



Mary Palmer, the Director of Tablets 4 Schools, opened with an introduction to Tablets 4 Schools and outlined its goals relating to putting UK students on a level playing field internationally.


To help address the question, we joined up with our partners over at Samsung UK


Ben then addressed some of the main challenges teachers face when contemplating using tablets in the classroom. For instance, some teachers feel that using tablets could cause attention loss in the classroom, however Ben suggested that device management solutions can help with this concern and stressed the importance of strong senior leadership working together to ensure that tablets were ‘the right way to go’. Ben introduced Paul Chiriac, our Sales and Marketing Manager, by saying that if teachers are looking to find apps that match with curriculum, then they should be working with the Educational App Store.


Paul suggested that ‘tailored content will help teachers rethink the curriculum’, and started his talk with a remarkable statistic taken from the BESA research report: Tablets and Connectivity 2014. According to a recent report, 13% of all ICT-based learning in primary schools is spent on educational apps. By 2020, it will be 40%. Here at EAS, we identify the best apps in the educational app marketplace and match these with the national curriculum. Paul explained the rigorous certification and review process each app undergoes, as well as the specific criteria used, such as sharing, customisation and differentiation. Paul explained how EAS check for quality, authenticity and appropriateness for the curriculum, as well as the lesson planning support teachers can receive to help them make the most of apps in a lesson, which was received favourably by the audience. Paul had this to say about his experience at the T4S 1:1 Tablets in Practice Workshop:


“Schools tend to follow up a common pattern to introduce tablets: they acquire the technology, run a limited pilot with teachers using the devices, have a trial with students and finally they either rollout across the schools or decide to buy a number of classroom sets. What is missing in this process is staff training and most importantly the evaluation of the content which will be used on their devices. Schools and teachers have to understand that content is key in order to make tablets an integrated part of teaching and learning. The work we do supports the integration of educational apps and also integrates them in the curriculum and lesson plans. It also gives teachers the confidence and skills they need to use apps in the classroom.”


With a prevailing use of digital space becoming more and more apparent in young people’s lives, the adaptability of digital experiences was on the forefront of those attending the workshop. EAS believe that educational apps can achieve transformational change in the classroom, which is why we’re thrilled to be attending the next T4S Workshop, which will be taking place on 28th November at Hove Park School in Brighton.



If you’re a teacher thinking about using apps in the classroom or if you’re seeking practical advice regarding a 1:1 tablet scheme then make a sure you register for this event.


This workshop will cover:


  • The vision for 1:1 and how it can impact your school.
  • Considerations for implementation.
  • Infrastructure requirements.
  • Teaching and learning with tablets in action.

If you’re social media savvy, you can keep up with information about the workshop using:

– @T4STweets
– @eduappstore
– #T4SWkshop

And the host school is:

– @HpsHove

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