Opening up Communication in the Home

It’s no surprise that, when there is a good channel of communication between parents and children, behaviour is improved. If children know what is expected of them they feel more secure and act accordingly. There is much evidence to support this and many studies show that parents who clearly communicate expectations to their children (in a calm, thoughtful and respectful way) reap the rewards in terms of improved relationships and behaviour.

Children thrive with clear boundaries and high-expectations.

Children that are kept in the loop with regard to family-life, chores and communication feel more empowered, better in control of their learning, behaviour and day-to-day schedule. They are more likely to be engaged in family life and have a better attitude towards you too.

Apps that facilitate and allow for easy-to-manage communication and family-planning, can only be a win-win for parents and of course kids, so think about your family organisation and communication at home:

  1.  Consistency - Kids like to be (and deserve to be) kept in the loop. Set up tools to manage this easily and effectively and have consistency so that communication is clear, age-appropriate and so that kids know what is expected of them. Setting these parameters up and communicating them to the family is key. It’s worth thinking about the best communication platforms or schedule organisers so you can get started!
  1. It’s Worth the Effort – Even children who have poor behaviour and are disorganised can be reigned-in. Don’t let the legacy of difficult-to-manage behaviour or organisation (even if it’s your own!) put you off getting back on track or starting a-fresh. Try a different tack and communicate to family members in way that is mindful, meaningful and personalised to break down barriers and bring the family closer to being a more cohesive, organised unit!
  1. High Expectations – Focusing on the positive rather than the negative and communicating successes more frequently than short-comings is a sure-fire way to get your kids on-side. Boosting a child’s self-esteem through positive communication and specific praise, is the best way to achieve success.
  1. Don’t Wait – If a child has done something well, measure their success (digital reward charts are great here), keep them in the loop and reward them often. Having clear and measurable steps to an achievable goals means children will be motivated to achieve them. If something isn’t going well, be on it quickly so you can manage it and adjust accordingly.
  1. Develop a Partnership – Building strategies to support your child is important to their success. Opening up the dialogue and keeping those communication channels open is key. When children feel they can talk openly – when things go well and when times are tough – they are happier, more confident and find it easier to develop good relationships outside of the home too. Focus on developing partnerships – through mutual respect and collaboration – and your children will be (generally!) happier and your home will be (generally!) more harmonious.

Have fun (and success) opening up communication in your family!

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